Lead Marketing Director + 2 Call Center Agents to start

Full Time
Feb 28, 2020

Job Overview

I'm looking for two - one is a team leader who will make sure tasks are completed based on daily tasks. 

Overall Tasks (need to organize and prioritize): 

  • Download & Upload data from a data source to DB to marketing channel platforms

  • Scrub, suppressed and dedupe data from multiple sources

  • Create reports, pivots and create and manage the master list (Master Database) for suppression against DNC, previously marketed respondents' emails call, texts, online form, FB, Google Ads, and voicemails marketing channels and scrub against our Database/CRM.

  • Create marketing flow

  • Create and manage a system whereby we're fully in DNC compliance to avoid over-marketing to the same leads and compile all DNC/removal requests.

  • Manage multiple marketing channel platforms such as Ring Central, Outlook Microsoft Exchange, and many more.

  • Run and manage all marketing campaigns to generate leads for the team.

  • Budget & control marketing spending for different marketing channels to provide the lowest acquisition cost.

  • Provide a report on the cost of acquisition and cost of leads analysis based on different marketing channels.

  • Create affiliate accounts and find ways to cross-sell, sell and market leads not in our wheel-house such as leads from Mortgage, Personal, Student, auto, credit loans affiliate who can buy these leads

  • Create marketing contents, blogs and post to multiple SMM for all our companies, subsidiaries

  • Reply to all SMM and represent us on our behalf

  • Reply to text marketing to pre-qualify clients before forwarding only qualify leads.

  • Create reports for all our different channel partners to determine which is the most effective, least costly. 

  • Voice over for voicemail marketing

  • Advanced Excel skill is very important...

  • Posting job openings on Craigslist for internal sales

I would like this as soon as possible. Thanks. 

I have not posted this anywhere, i usually use for all my outsource work. Let me know if you can provide quality talent that can run not just for LCG but for any other subs. This will be our start having divisions for all our subs, such as IT, Marketing and CS so we can consolidate services to cut costs for our SUBs under IDGC. 

I would like to start with two one is a team leader who will delegate work to accomplish the task in full. These tasks are daily, weekly and monthly and must be organized and prioritized based on the importance of quality lead delivery to our team while in compliance with TCPA. Thanks.

Once we have the team leader trained that will be our permanent who can eventually manage a bigger team of multiple depts. 

The team leader would need to get paid more of course. 

Budget for both manager leader and another team = $1500 to get a really quality who's well-rounded and capable of multiple areas of office marketing management and many more. Let me know your thoughts. Call me if you want further clarification. I am sure I have more to add to this...

If you want to do your own start-up you have me as your new client. We could build if you get better. 



Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Appointment Setter
  • Personal Assistant
  • Recruitment Assistant

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