Freelance Video Editor Needed

$1 per hour
Mar 08, 2020

Job Overview


I'm starting a video editor for social media /youtube channel.

So far, I'm looking at on average a month 4 - 10 videos, Depending on my schedule.

I'm into Advertising Niche, and so most would be short videos of 2 - 10 minutes, except I'm doing screencasting which would be maybe more than 30 minutes long.

For the screencast, I'm projecting that out of the possible 4 - 10 videos a month, Maybe 2 would be screencasting.

It would take on average 30 minutes - 2 hours to edit one video.

Please NOTE: this is very important, I'm looking for someone whom we would work together for the long term, at least a year.

Salary: $1 per hour.

In terms of samples,

Look at these videos:

(For social media)

(For Youtube)

So 1 video would have 2 variant.

So can you handle this?

What are your thoughts?

Skills Required

  • Video Editing

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