Car Enthusiast Video Editor and Animator

Full Time
Mar 14, 2020

Job Overview


Hi, Please read through the entire job description, if you don't match the description, we will not work well together.

We are a performance marketing agency focused on the automotive aftermarket industry, and is in need of a video editor/motion graphics editor/ animator to work with.

We are looking for a designer to make Instagram content, specifically small videos/product videos, which will be used for client account purposes. You must be great at video editing/ have good skills for creating animated videos, and have an intuitive sense of a company's brand, or have a vision of what the motion graphics/video could be just from looking at their current assets without any brand guidelines. We have many accounts, with different aesthetics, which will never make you bored. We are willing to promote you to other aspects of the business if we find you a good fit. Take a look at some of this account's IGTV, Youtube, and Instagram stories to get a feel for what we are looking />

We will also need you to be good at graphic design, this means having a very high standard and good taste for consumer-facing brands and what their social media would/could look like. We would love to see a diverse range of brand/visual work that you have done, which can come in different types of formats outside of an image, such as motion graphics, logos, social media banners, videos etc. If you don't have direct social media experience, showing us you can understand brand tones, and having that intuition in branding is critical in your portfolio, we won't consider anyone who cannot demonstrate that in their portfolio. If you have other experiences/strong suits outside of graphics, we want to know about it in your application!

If you have a strong graphic design or social media background, that is definitely a huge plus, I am looking for a dedicated, hardworking and a great communicator. We have worked with enough VAs in the past to know the tricks people tend to pull, so if you are not serious, tend to disappear once every week and is not honest about the occasion, this is also not the right position for you, we will not be a good fit. We are looking for a long term employee, if you are looking for something short term, this is not for you. Fluency in English is a must, it is critical if you have worked on brand development design work in the past, or else this job will not be right for you.

Success in this role looks like:

- Extremely resourceful individual, can make flowers out of dirt, can get people out of a third world country prison, can find solutions to many, many types of problems. (Of course, we are kidding about the prison)

- Is very hungry for results, productive with your time, and wants to do more while staying efficient

- An honest professional with a high sense of integrity

- Is happy and humble with a great working attitude

- Is a video editing wizard, and has EXTREMELY high standards to their own work, but has the humility to accept feedback, and making changes accordingly (especially client feedback)

- Is capable of putting their favorite color somewhere in the application, preferably in the title

- Has extremely great aesthetic instincts, especially brand facing, and has a great sense of a brand's aesthetics just from looking at it

- Is capable of meeting deadlines and has a great understanding of how to prioritize while multiple projects are going on

- Is a team player, continues to help other team members and lend a hand when they may be struggling

- Has a focus on the small details, even when other people don't notice/catch it, you are able to discern details

- Is capable of wearing multiple hats, putting yourself outside of the comfort zone, and willing to try things and learn from mistakes

- Has reliable technologies, including fast internet, fast working laptop, tablets, smartphones

- Is a great communicator, and can write well-crafted emails.

- Video editing experience/social media video editing

You will get brownie points if you:

- Loves cars! We are talking eat, breathe, and daydreams about the next build!

- Photography experience (DSLR or equivalent)

- Have done other work in data entry/virtual assistance, social media management etc

This will be a fulltime, based on 8 hours/day, and 5 days a week, and will be time tracked in the beginning until we build enough rapport with each other. Please keep in mind that at times, there will be over time, over the weekends, but we will definitely compensate you fairly. Please also let me know if you work as a team/agency, that is fine too, we would just like to know.

With all that being said, we are a fun group of people! We have a "get sh*t done" culture, we like to move quickly and stay productive, but we are also capable of having the fun other people may not be able to :)

Thank you!

Skills Required

  • Video Editing
  • Animation Specialist

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