SALES REP (GREAT COMMISSION + NO EXPERIENCE) - (remote / work from home)

Part Time
Apr 15, 2020

Job Overview



Obis Music Agency is the most effective, simple, and affordable music agency. We provide marketing services for artists that help them promote and distribute their music. 

This is an amazing position for anybody that is looking for an opportunity to earn virtually uncapped income. We have a very competitive and aggressive commission structure that will ensure your satisfaction and ignite your drive to scale this business with us. This position is certainly a diamond in the rough. It is our top priority to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to succeed. You will be selling our service by messaging leads on Instagram. You will be provided a script and the people to message! That means you won’t have to spend time on the tedious task of lead generation AND you don’t have to think about what to say. That leaves you with more time to do what you do best, close sales & give phenomenal client service. We have an amazing culture that is inspired by creativity, forward-thinking, and the amazing experience we’re making for our clients! If you are an optimistic individual who enjoys working remotely and innovation, then this position is for you. Your daily tasks and expectations are as follows:


  • Message 32 people a day

  • Input basic data into a spreadsheet

  • Build and maintain client relationships

  • Close deals!




There are no formal education requirements. This is an opportunity for anyone that feels like they can achieve the tasks at hand. We will instead assess your interview for other signs of proficiencies and abilities. When hired, you’ll go through training which will take less than 30 minutes. This training will teach you everything you need to know.




Being that this is a completely remote job opportunity, the following is also required. 


  • Laptop or desktop computer or smart phone!

  • Access to high speed internet whether that be at home, a co working space, or a cafe.

  • fluent english speaker

  • Instagram account that’s at least 3 months old


How long do I have to work?

This is a part-time job. For your job, all you’re doing is messaging 32 people a day and inputting data into a spreadsheet which will take you 8-18min to do. Note that Instagram limits you to message up to 2 people per hour, and it only takes 30 seconds to message 2 people. So technically you’re only working 30 seconds per hour when it comes to sending messages. And in total, you're working 8-18 min/day from your phone. This position is for forward-thinking individuals that are inspired by helping artists accomplish their dreams.


COMPENSATION: $5/sale (Approx. ₱252)



Typically, you’re able to consistently get 1 sale every 6 days. It's important to note that there will be days where you get no sales at all, and days where you get 3 sales at the same time! (1 sale every 6 days is ₱14,000/year which is worth it for only working >18min a day from your phone or computer) Money will be sent to you by PayPal.


Skills Required

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