Lead Coordinator

$4+ or up for exceptional skills
Full Time
May 18, 2020

Job Overview

Lead Coordinator Position

Job Description

The following are the tasks that the individual in this role will need to complete:

1. Track the leads

You need to make sure all the lead tags are tagged appropriately and that you are doing the activities necessary to push them through the process.

Understanding the following process of the lead from when they inquire on a property all the way to settlement:

Looking to Buyer Advantage Program (buyer broker agreement) meeting to

Sending Listings which meet customer profile to

virtual showing or

in-person showing to

sending more listings or

write offer to negotiate home inspections to


2. Tagging the leads correctly

Looking to buy now - 1 year or less - they want to purchase asap

Looking - No idea when they want to buy

Unresponsive - lost contact - 1 X a week

Never Buying

3. Understand and know the customer profile and ask questions so that we completely understand what they are looking for.

4. Create a relationship with the client so they are looking forward to speaking to you everytime you call them.  You share your story so they can feel comfortable and see you as a human being.

5. Follow up with all the leads in different ways.  A, B & C clients most often.  D keep on the email mailing list.

6.  Understand the strategies on how to move the leads to in person appointments which lead to buying and selling a home.

Building rapport over the phone by creating a genuine conversation and care for the client.  It is essential to share your own life so that they can share their own story.  Building this bond is extremely important to this process so they feel extremely comfortable and look forward to us calling them.

Sending out prerecorded video messages via the email or text system

Sending mass recorded audio voicemail messages to the leads

Sending mass emails out

People do not like receiving text messages in general so using the other methods above instead.

Always follow up with value .  Perhaps it is a home that you thought they would be interested in or market data on the neighborhood.  Every conversation should be meaningful.

7.  Every single lead should be tracked.  You should know your new leads with reports that are daily, weekly and monthly.  They should all be tagged and have specific next steps that are going to be done to move them through the conversion process.  These reports should be sent daily with all the successes and issues/problems.  The idea is that we need to know all of the data so that we can make the best decisions on how to help everyone.  Most importantly, we want to make sure that no one falls through the cracks.

8. Customer profile questions

Name of all people purchasing

Current mailing address

Phone number

Email addresses of all people purchasing

# bedrooms

# bathrooms

Sq ft

Single family, townhome, or condo?

What are the must haves versus like to have?

Size of yard?

Finished basement?

9. You have multiple reach out methods and you must know how to use all of them

Mass Voicemail drop - send multiple clients the same voicemail message at the same time

Mass Email message

Mass phone calls via dialer

Mass video email message blast

Mass video text messages blast

Sending cards in the mail through send our cards

10.  You need to understand how to send value to the clients whether they are sellers or buyers.  What that means is what information would be helpful for them that would help them want to purchase.  

You always want to be sending out value and not just calling to see if they are still looking …

The following are examples of what type of info to send out:

Homes that just came on sale that meet their criteria

We just wrote a state of the market report and I wanted to know if you would like a copy?

Sending out a card via send out cards with a game puzzle or wishing them a birthday or anniversary for their home purchase

Drop voicemail/video to just check in and see if they need anything during covid 19


Your role is to do three things

Figures out the leads most ready to buy and follow up with them with a list of homes

Follow up with all the other leads so we stay top of mind so they think of us when they want to buy.  In addition, we stay in touch with past clients.

Get leads scheduled for phone calls and showings

Your performance in this position will be judged based on the following:

Follow up activities with all leads so we can see that no one is being left behind and always sending them value

Setting up of appointments with leads

Giving proper daily reports with your numbness in each category

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Email Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Appointment Setter
  • Personal Assistant

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