Experienced Copywriter Required

Part Time
May 20, 2020

Job Overview

I'm an eCommerce coach and am looking for a Professional Copywriter who can help me with writing posts for my audience.

My audience would mostly consist of potential customers and the content would be used on multiple social media channels with one goal in mind: Building authority and Generating leads for my coaching program.

Here's a reference document of what kind of content I'm looking for to start with:



- Content Writing and Copywriting are 2 different things:

Copywriting is focused primarily on a direct, short-term goal with big returns: generating sales. Copywriting is the focus of ads, sales letters, sales emails, PPC landing pages, and more. A copywriter is the type of wordsmith who can craft compelling headlines and CTAs to prompt consumers to purchase a product, subscribe to a service, schedule a tour, or submit vital information for follow-up, such as an email address.

Content writing includes blog posts, social media posts, emails, white papers, e-books, and other savvy materials that educate, entertain, and inform your audience about a given topic. Content writing is focused on creating productive engagement with your audience so—over time—they’ll come to trust your brand and be interested in your product or service.

Please apply ONLY if you're a professional and experienced copywriter.

Application Process:

- Let me know why are you fit for the job? why should you be chosen?

- Please attach/share some links of your work.

- We'll need your service for 4 hours/day. Please mention your monthly rate for 4 hours/day. 5 days a week.

Skills Required

  • Copywriting

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