Do you hate repetitive work? Do you like a challenge? Come and work for us! We need a content writer, social media manager & Shopify V.A.

May 22, 2020

Job Overview

We have a business operation that is based on 2 projects: 

  • An entertainment, quiz & news website 

  • A Shopify dropshipping store

What we need is someone who can reduce our workload and let us focus on steering the ship, interpreting data, and making business decisions.

We therefore need somebody smart, adaptive, and who has English skills that come close to a native speaker. After a certain training & learning period, we need you to be self-sufficient for the most part. Working hours, salary, and long-term commitment are things that can be part of a negotiation. Ideally, certain things will be taken care of that need to be done regularly media, content creation, and order fulfillment).  

Here are some of the task that we will ask you to do for us: 

  • Research and write appealing, fun and simple content for our website, based on a topic and keywords of our choosing 10 scariest places, 10 most kick-ass women of history, etc.)

  • Proofreading existing content, re-writing it to make it better and more natural-sounding

  • Create fun & entertaining quizzes what dog race are you or fact vs. fiction etc.)

  • Do some (basic) visual work, like creating Pins for Pinterest, ads etc. with Canva and/or photoshop

  • Import articles to Shopify, check all the variants, prices etc., write an article description based on a template

  • Fulfill Shopify orders (easy-peasy)

  • Use software (mostly Jarvee) to feed and grow social media

  • Other various tasks, like keyword research, finding trending topics, answering customer e-mails etc.. 

As you can see we are looking for an allrounder that doesn't shy away from new things. 

If you want to grow with us, apply for this job and you surely won't be disappointed!

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing

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