Are you someone who wants to learn & go on an entrepreneurial adventure?

Full Time
Jun 08, 2020

Job Overview

Who am I?

A UK based entrepreneur is looking for someone who wants to learn.  I want someone who wants to grow and learn as much as they can.  I run 3 companies and have more big ideas and amazing visions for the future.

These are the businesses I own:

– Est 2003

– Est 2010

– Start-up

Are you interested in these types of businesses and what we are creating here?  Look at the websites and social media accounts of these companies before applying, just to save both our time!

These ideas should appeal to you, as you’ll be involved in all of them to some degree, as you’ll be helping me to grow them!

You must want to work for me and be part of something which is creating a legacy.  I’m passionate about Personal, Team and Business Development.  So must you!

See my profile:

I can be flexible with your hours, so long as we are able to work together closely and have daily video conversations.  This is a whole-time job role - Monday - Friday 8hr per day.  We shall try each other out for a month.  After this, if both of us are excited about continuing, then we shall. 

From the first day, you will get access to world class training resources, focused on marketing and entrepreneurship.  Therefore, even if we do not continue, you’ll have new knowledge and skills.  There’s lots of time for you to learn as you begin this journey.

What do I need?

I need someone to help me manage my inbox.  Someone to free up my time, so I have more time to coach and help others to their potential. 


Can you organise and manage someone else’s email and diary? 

Are you good at seeing the big picture and setting your own jobs lists?

Would you like access to valuable skills and career enhancing knowledge? 

Can you carry out basic video & image editing?

Are you able to manage social media content posting and responding? 

Could you research and write articles & blogs?

Do you wanting to upskill your knowledge in marketing and in business growth?

Have you got previous experience working as a virtual assistant?

Can you manage small projects and find others who can help when we need an expert?

Would you be confident enough to express your ideas, so we solve problems together?

Are you interested in cutting edge thinking and technology? 

Do you want to use some cool software to help create big results?

If you’re saying yes to many of these, you should get in touch and apply for this role!


I would expect you to value yourself at least at $500 per month now and want to grow this, as you build on your skills and experience.

To start, I will pay you $125 per week, each week for 4 weeks as a trail period.

How to apply?

If you choose to apply, I expect you to show me evidence that you live out the following attributes:

Passion –What for and why?

Responsibility – For what happens to you.

Gratitude – Appreciate what you are and what you have.

Kindness – Shown to others.

Tell me why we should work together?  What is your mission?  How will you know if you are in the right job? 

It would also be a good idea to send examples of your work and details of who you have helped before. 

The ideal candidate will do something special to get this job.  Show me who you are and why this opportunity is exciting to you.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Email Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Personal Assistant
  • LinkedIn Marketing

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