EPIC Marketing Coordinator role, high income, requires superb English, accurate typing and marketing mindset

$500-$850 per month
Full Time
Jun 16, 2020

Job Overview

Do you enjoy working in a really cool company that helps purpose-led entrepreneurs?

Then you will love, love, love this role!

We are located in Australia. We build objection-free sales process for our clients. We work with entrepreneurs who have a vision for a more sustainable future. 

Join our mission to help catapult clients' sales success.

Please ONLY apply to this position if YOU are an absolute high performer wishing to join a team of Creative Geniuses help business owners get to the next level by scaling their sales!

Your skill set (all 4 areas required):

    1) Superlative writer. Excellent concise writer. Perfect English. Capacity to build documents, reports, and written communication pieces.

    2) Marketing mindset. You understand the buyer journey and concepts of inbound marketing.

    3) Typing. Very fast, with high accuracy.

    4) Communication. Very confident and happy to engage via Slack, video-conference or by phone.


Your personality to be successful (all 7 required):

✓ Visionary. You love working for a mission and vision, with purpose-led business.

✓ Passionate. Being part of building kick-arse marketing and sales strategy is super fun for you.

✓ Detail oriented. You are a ninja at detail as well as the big picture!

✓ Self-managed. You work extremely well from a remote home office. You have superb time management and work ethic, and an equipped home office.

✓ Curious. You’re always learning and seeking to discover how to do things better.

✓ Resilient. You value and are capable of taking feedback in a fast-paced environment. You speak your mind in a positive way.

✓ Committed. You want a flexible, high performance career that fulfils you financially and emotionally. Above all, you want to love your team, your job, your mission and stay long-term in a growing career role.


Highly Regarded skill sets (additional benefit):

- CRM. You have built workflows and worked with marketing automation such as HubSpot. 

- Video. You are brilliant at storyboarding and and can edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro or similar

- Graphics. You can use Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop to create brochures, logos, infographics.

- Project management. Experience and natural ability to coordinate people and projects.

- Any background experience in B2B sales is an advantage.


Your Role:

✓ Assist in creating inbound sales process for cutting-edge SMBs in close consultation and implementation sessions.

✓ Create detailed session notes outlining key learnings and next steps, then manage client accountability between consultation sessions.

✓ Help research client’s industries and competitors to find blue ocean.

✓ Manage the development of client’s online sales playbooks.

✓ Assist in developing video assets, slide decks, partner campaigns, etc.

✓ Coordinate workflows and automations.

✓ Organise and liaise with our brains trust of marketing and sales experts.

✓ Deliver consistently in a flexible, fast-paced team environment.

✓ Be self-directed, work autonomously and manage your time superbly.


The Opportunity

For too long, marketing and sales have been out of step.

Salespeople complained that marketing wasn’t doing its job, and marketing teams were frustrated that salespeople didn’t know how to express their USP, giving themselves a bad name with the ‘hard sell’, pushing customers instead of helping them.

This is a unique role. You are at the forefront of long overdue change within SMB sales process.

You facilitate and witness the acceleration, excitement and transformation of entrepreneurial leaders and teams.

This company coordinates marketing and sales to work seamlessly together to achieve exponential results for deserving businesses.

Be part of something special as you help to free socially conscious business founders to scale their sales and contribute more.

If you are the right person, you are going to care about Social Cause and making a big positive difference in this world, too.

The team enjoys both flexibility and autonomy, it's not about 'hours' it's about 'outcomes'.

You can also expect to participate in exciting team events, and your upskilling will be invested in. You will be integrated into the team, flown to Australia annually, etc.

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a high performing team of thought leaders whose business is going viral, please apply today.

When sending in your CV, let us know why you are the right applicant for this position in your cover letter.

We answer every application - and look forward to hearing from you!

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Lead Generation
  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Web page Design
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Appointment Setter
  • Personal Assistant
  • Recruitment Assistant

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