Market Intelligence Analyst

Jun 22, 2020

Job Overview

The Analyst role is a full-time professional position that works with senior management to support strategic planning activities by providing actionable recommendations based on assessments of markets and competitors, both existing and potential.

Identify and collect appropriate customer, competitor, market, economic, financial and/or operational data.

Perform financial, statistical, and qualitative data analysis of markets and competitors.

Translate data into executable and effective market and intelligence reports.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Profiles the commercial pharmaceutical/biotechnology domestic and international development market and competitive environment, providing insights that support strategic decision-making and for use in internal presentations by senior leadership.

Creates and updates comprehensive industry, competitor and customer models including, but not limited to, market share, growth projections and trends, and market forces.

Performs thorough, systematic analysis of key industry trends; the general social economic and political environment; legal and regulatory issues; customers; current and potential competitors.

Provides market and competitive insights through presentations and reports to the Executive Leadership Team and various internal management teams to allow effective strategic and tactical decision-making and implementation.

Supplies the market and competitive intelligence component of strategic planning, and proactively makes recommendations to management concerning key intelligence items that require further consideration.

Maintains up-to-date knowledge of data sources, evaluating their credibility and potential utility, and leverages them across the company where appropriate.

Develops and maintains relationships with key internal customers to identify emerging needs and business challenges.

Works with internal business customers to enhance their use of strategic analysis and market and competitor intelligence—in particular through use of the Portal—to ensure that appropriate communication channels are maintained. Collaborates internally to ensure intelligence is shared with appropriate groups and individuals.

Maintains an in-depth knowledge of designated markets and trends through reading reports, market research, data manipulation and financial modeling and analysis.

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Other Project Management

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