Online Business Management Trainee

Full Time
Jun 26, 2020

Job Overview

We have a one - month training program with a stipend if you got hired as an ABM Trainee.

A stipend of 3 USD per hour for 20 hours a week during the training period.


- Managing the business operations and ensuring the effectiveness within the company is kept to certain standards.

- Assist in resolving issues arising from core functions of the company with relevant team members & Atomatic Agency to ensure that they are functional & improved whenever possible.

- Work closely with the CEO & core team members to ensure processes are being adhered to.

- Management of team members to improve peak performance.

- Monitoring of Chokeholds & Metrics within the company’s operations.

- Act as a Point of Contact between the Company & Atomatic Agency to pass down accurate information.

- Assist in coordination of hiring plans between Company & Atomatic Agency.


- Monitoring potential chokeholds and metrics within the company.

- Making sure expectations and KPIs are being set appropriately.

- Dissemination of information from Top-Down

- Evaluate the performance of team members.

- Setup & Integrate business processes for the company.

- Create measurements along with related team members for processes set up within the company.

- Hosting Visionary/Integrator Meetings between CEO & ABM to re-align plans & results.

- Enforcing implemented systems with team members.

- Communicate with Core Team Members to ensure implementation of processes.

- Reporting to Atomatic Agency on resolving bottlenecks & improvements on existing systems.

- Participate in meetings to extract necessary information.

- Suggest improvements to systems allow better scalability.


- Updates are delivered on time to the CEO & Atomatic Agency.

- Periodic Reports are generated to allow the CEO to see a better overview of the operations.

- Concerns within the team are being addressed promptly.

- Issues arising from business operations are resolved in a timely manner.

- Operations are being well managed.


- Good communication skills

- Good time-management skills

- Ability to anticipate & being resourceful

- Ability to handle high-stress situations in a calm and professional manner

- Highly motivated

- Strong Decision Maker

- Able to lead by example

- Strong interpersonal & communication skills

- Critical-thinker & Problem solver

- Knowledge in Business Management Concepts

- Project Management skills are a plus

- Business Management Experience is a plus

- e-Commerce background is preferred

- Experience in project management tools


Kindly attach a link to your resume

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Strategic Planning
  • Other Project Management

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