Virtual Assistant

Jun 27, 2020

Job Overview



Hope this message finds you well. Looking for a Virtual Assistant with the following characteristics. 


- Able to receive calls and attend clients in mountain time US from 8 am to 2 pm which would be 10 pm to 4 am phillipines time. Be coachable on how to interact with them, how to schedule appointments and provide the necessary information for their bookings. This is for a Truck Moving company that rents out trucks and cars

- Be in charge of social media for an array of business, being able to create content and promote it on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and more. Knowing how to createn and edit flyers and edit videos, webinars, and courses for 3 different companies. 

- Be in charge of my calendar and reminding appointments to clients, team and myself. Organizing my schedule and sending me reminders for flights, accomodations, in person meetings and phone meetings. 

- Be in charge of controling Airbnb schedules, in and out of 4 properties, coordinating with cleaning ladies, checking with her house conditions, products that need to be refilled and bought again, list of necessary products and reviewing photos to see that properties are ready for next client.


This is a full time job. Period of trial for 2 weeks then yearly contract. Must be bilingual in english, must be available in flexible hours, responsible, enthusiastic personality and very responsive for texts and emails. This is a job for a high performer that wants to grow, expand and learn. 


Looking forward to hear from you soon! 


Vu Tran

Skills Required

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