Are you an experienced social media manager?

$200 - $300
Jun 29, 2020

Job Overview

Job Title:  Social Media Manager 

Compensation:  $200 - $300/month

Location:  Virtual/anywhere 


We have a digital marketing agency called Elite Strategy Services and we help kindergarten owners get more clients online using Facebook Ads and our proven formula of offering and upselling, funnel building, content marketing,  etc.  While other digital agencies provide services to all businesses in all industries, we focus specifically on kindergartens. This gives us a competitive edge and our clients love it.  

About the Job:  

We’re looking for a rockstar social media manager to work with us and deliver amazing results to our clients.  As our Social Media Manager you will work with us on per client basis and be responsible for the following tasks:

*Editing new and old videos and photos provided by the client.

*Publishing content on social media such as Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, and YouTube.

*Creating thumbnails for the video contents.

*Daily management of the social media accounts including general comment, and message reply, checking any special events such as a hot prospect or awaiting to reply thread.

*Etc. etc. etc. 


As the title says, we’re looking for a “rockstar social media manager” and this doesn’t mean anybody…  You must satisfy all of the following requirements to be considered for this job:

*Experience editing video and graphic contents using any editing software, no preference.

*Proven track record that you’re able to prove 

*Knowledge of social media marketing such as their algorithms.

*Knowledge of the design dimensions such as YouTube Thumbnail, IGTV thumbnail, Instagram Post, Facebook Video Thumbnail, Facebook Post, Facebook Fan Page Banner, YouTube Channel Art, etc.

Ability to check on clients’ social media accounts and their content performance by updating us daily about the performance and special events on a given contact.


Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

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