Audio Management Specialist for Podcasts & Audiobooks [Full Time: 40 hrs. per week]

$500 USD / Month
Full Time
Jul 02, 2020

Job Overview

Company Summary

Work On Your Game Inc. is headed by CEO Dre Baldwin, a former 9-year professional athlete. As an entrepreneur, Dre is author of 27 books and has created over 15,000 pieces of content, including 7,000+ YouTube videos, nearly 2,000 podcast episodes for two currently- running podcasts.


Job Description

Role, Responsibilities, Results, Requirements


Position: Video & Audio Management Specialist

Department: Content

Reports To: Executive Assistant

Job Type: Full Time

Role (Overview of the Position)

- Handle All Audio and Video Management Needs at Work On Your Game Inc., including YouTube channel, podcasts, audiobooks, and audio social media content

Responsibilities (Tasks Associated with the Role)

- Edit audio of every recorded podcast episode, attach intro & outro clip (when applicable)

- Create, edit and manage all metadata for new and already-published YouTube videos including thumbnails, titles, end screens, tags, and monetization settings

- Publish every podcast episode and video based on appropriate schedule to the proper platforms

- Edit audio files to be published as audiobooks

- Maintain order and organization of all video, podcast and audiobook files in shared Google Drive folders

- Create shareable social media content from the files you’re working on

- [Put “Green Light” (remove quotes) in subject line to apply — send messages ONLY in VirtualStaffPH— no emails]

Results (Expected Accomplishments)

- Clean, crisp audio of every file you work on

- Cultivate increased discoverability of and engagement with YouTube videos

- Increased subscribers on YouTube channel

- Work On Your Game Podcast shortened episodes publishing daily to free platforms

- Work On Your Game Podcast full episodes publishing daily to paid membership platform (SoundWise)

- Create short write-ups and show notes for every episode of Work On Your Game Podcast

- Create Wordpress post for every Work On Your Game Podcast episode

- The Overseas Basketball Blueprint Podcast publishing daily to free platforms

- Consistent publishing of selected audio to audiobook platforms to be made available for sale

- Reporting to and communicating with Executive Assistant daily on all task commitments

- Keeping CEO up-to-date on audio needs (title and closing credits, chapter introductions, intro and outro clips) for completing your jobs

- Creating audio clips with some visual element (or video clips from podcast recordings) to be shared to social media platforms

- Be available for all scheduled targeted interactions

Requirements (Expected Proficiencies)

- Expert-level audio editing and mastering

- Must have reliable internet that can support video calls for company interactions

- Consistent, reliable internet for downloading and uploading files (often less than 100MB in size) as we publish consistently and never miss a day

- Ability to communicate fluently in English — written and verbally

- Available for video interviews with both our Executive Assistant and CEO.

- This is a full-time job, not seeking freelancers or agencies. You will be working for Work On Your Game Inc. and nowhere else if hired.

To Apply:

- What is your experience editing and publishing audio and video?

- What kind of internet connection do you have, and how reliable is it?

- Why do you want this job, and what do you expect to gain from it aside from your salary?

- Provide the title of one of our CEO’s YouTube videos that has over 1 Million views.

**This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Content Moderation
  • Other Project Management
  • Podcast Editor (Audio Editor)

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