Social Media Manager

20,000 to 100,000
Full Time
Jul 04, 2020

Job Overview

Please do not apply without reading this description.

All Access Coaching is a sports publisher, primarily focused on American Football. The Company publishes successful high school and collegiate coaches in both video and book formats. Customers can view their courses digitally as streamed video and pdfs (Amazon), or as physical product shipped as DVD and bound hard-copy books.

All Access Coaching is currently looking for a full-time Social Media Manager. The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial & ambitious, wanting to work full-time from home. During the probation period, this person will have set hours and tasks to completed. However, as trust is built, you will be in charge of your own hours.

It is very important that in your application, you are very specific about your experience and talents on the following tasks.



• Deliver customized and targeted email marketing campaigns to optimize conversions for click-through and purchases

• Send out relationship emails once per week using content that I provide.

• Send out product promotion emails every two weeks to generate sales. These are 4-email sequences.

• Setup auto-responder emails triggered off marketing and sales funnels

• Maintain, segment, and tag email list of 60,000.

TWITTER – Hootsuite

• Build, post, and monitor Twitter ads.

• Using Hootsuite, schedule tweets three times per day using content provided by All Access

• Increase followers by 50 per week

FACEBOOK – Hootsuite

• Build, post, and monitor Facebook ads.

• lead generation, post engagement, and conversions thru effective targeting, creating look-a-like audiences.

• Facebook conversion tracking pixel installation

• Setup & post recorded webinars, pdfs, and other content that is provided to you into the Facebook group to entice people to join.

• Build Facebook group membership by using free giveaways and trip wires

• Knowledge of Facebook Live

• Post engaging, informative, and entertaining content once per day using content provided by All Access.

• Increase page likes by 50-100 per week

• Increase group membership by 100 coaches per week


• Effectively target & create lookalikes audiences, along with designing effective images for the ad.

• Implement split testing for email marketing and social campaigns to improve conversion rates (content, email templates, landing pages, list segmentation, call-to-actions, etc.)

• Optimize ads and monitor the performance

• Analyze trending #tags, optimal times of posting and the frequency of posting


• Setup & post recorded webinars that is provided to you to use as lead magnets.

• create endscreens


• Promote weekly webinars & podcasts on Facebook & Twitter.

• All Access will run, edit, and transcribe.

• Social media manager will post the transcription as a blog on WordPress and use the blog content in an email.

• Adding hyperlinks to all emails and social media posts promoting webinar & podcasts.

• Promote the webinar video that are uploaded on YouTube by All Access Coaching.

• Ads We will run regular Facebook/Twitter ad to promote the podcasts & webinars.


• Moderate social media & blog pages to make sure followers and fans are posting appropriate content

• Social Media Manager will be trusted with the passwords to multiple sites representing All Access brand.

• Producing marketing reports based upon digital metrics to determine campaign effectiveness and make recommendations for future efforts

• Generate a monthly analysis of divisional website traffic, hits, source, etc.


Education and/or Experience

• A2 Mastery score on the English test

• Associate degree from two-year college or technical school; with emphasis in Business Administration, Communications, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising, or related field

• 1-3 years of related experience of all of the above with references.

• Proficiency with MS Office, Facebook Insights, Google analytics, Hoot Suite.

• Excellent knowledge of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

• Fully equipped home office setup; high speed laptop, backup internet (Wi-Fi) and power back-up.

• Ability to work evenings, weekdays, weekends and holidays when necessary

• Weekly SKYPE meetings on East Coast time are mandatory.


All Access Coaching lost its full-time social media manager due to a tumor. We currently have a part-time social media assistant who is a part-time nurse. We have 2 full-time video editors, a freelance graphics artist, and a book editor/transcriber. This position will rapidly grow into a supervisory position with part-time Philippine workers under your management.

Preferred Qualifications

• The ideal candidate will be asked to increase knowledge of football.

• Skilled in Photoshop and basic video editing preferred in order to create marketing visuals

• Basic understanding of WordPress and HTML


All Access Coaching will pay for training in areas that selected candidate needs to learn more about.


Come help build a company from the ground up! We are growing fast and are looking for enthusiastic attitudes with entrepreneurial spirit who wants to be there own boss. We are not looking for someone content with collecting a weekly paycheck.

During 2-month probation period time tracking of hours and progress will be mandatory. Pay is 20,000 Ph during this period. Pay will then be increased to 35,000 Ph for 4 months. After 6-months of outstanding work, pay will be increased to 50,000 Ph.

Candidates who do not demonstrate in their cover letter that they have read every word of this description will not be interviewed. Do not just copy & paste the same email that you send to every employer.

Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Writing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Wordpress
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Design Project Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing

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