Proposal Development Associate

Jul 09, 2020

Job Overview

Draft/Finalize proposals to support the Rubix sales and account management teams, with new opportunities for both current and prospective clients.

Draft/Finalize proposals in response to RFPs.

Customize, write, and edit information for written proposal responses.

Work collaboratively, fostering relationships with subject matter experts, and sales & account management teams within Rubix LS.

Update and maintain standard/frequently-used proposal responses in a proposal content library.

Complete other writing assignments, related to marketing, business development, and other in-house projects.

Provide input on new processes and workflows as needed.

As this position is in development with respect to company growth, the position description may be modified as the overall operational aspects of the company change and evolve over time.

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Writing Project Management

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