VA PART TIME for Amazon Product Research. Experienced or willing to learn independently.

to be arranged but by sucessful results only.
Jul 13, 2020

Job Overview

This is an update on my last advert on this web site. Being new to this I am learning fast. I now have a few keen people who are doing research already. But let me warn you. It is not easy and takes lots of time unless you are already exprienced. In that case you should spend only  about 4 -8 hours on each search for a product.

I am now trying to form a whole team of independent researchers working on product reaserch for Amazon UK only.

Pay will be on results only but truly excellent renumeration for successful selling products.  I am 100% trustworthy to pay. Just check out my skiing portal on google called  meribel-unplugged. A ski portal since 2003 for the ski resort of I am 73 relaible and want to help us all make a lovely income via amazon.

You may be experienced or must be willing to study independently. There are a great many FREE web sites, you tube videos and Udemy courses to learn. I can give links to many for somebody keen to learn.

If inexperienced you will need to spend at least 40 hours of free content learnring.

if you are already experienced then this is a great opportunity to expand your income long term with a share of profits ongoing year by year.

So I do not need any past CV's etc etc as I only pay on results. This is a win win situation. If you find me good products that sell and make a profit then you get super reward.

E mail me for more details even if you e mailed before. This is a new concept to involve my future researchers in ongoing profit sharing.



Skills Required

  • Research

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