Instagram social media commenter

$100 a month AUD
Jul 15, 2020

Job Overview

Hi there i am looking for someone to manage my instagram accounts to generate new leats to send to the main account

working hours 7 hours a day.

  • You will be handling 5 accounts!

  • You have to comment 19 times and then switch accounts.

  • There are 20 different messages below! Save them into your phone as keyboard shortcuts using the numbers.

  • When you first start a rotation on an account, you are to use the following scripts in order!

  • Once they are saved as keyboard shortcuts you simply have to press 1 and then select the shortcut and the comment will pop up!

  • The idea is to use all of them!! 1 to 19! Then change accounts and do the same thing!

  • You are also to send 4 DM’s to private accounts on every account rotation using the nn script below.

  • After every comment you post, you are to count to 3 and then move onto the next comment. Only like the posts you’ve commented on. ALWAYS comment on their first photo.

  • Follow 1 out of 2 profiles you click into. 10 per rotation.

  • When an account gets blocked make a new one! Upload 9 posts and follow 100 people on a new account before using it.

  • Make sure all leads are qualified as per the lead gen checklist.

  • Upload on backup accounts AT LEAST twice a week per account.

  • Make careful note of all the log on details for any new accounts made.

  • Make sure to report these at the end of your shift.

  • You are to check in at the beginning of each shift by sending a message into the skype conversation.

  • Ensure that you always have 5 accounts working at all times.

  • Send through the below ‘mm’ script at the end of each shift to all the messages you receive in the account!

  • Make sure that you’re sending it to all messages that come in! Ensure that all conversations are read! That means all message requests and standard messages. Ensure everything is being sent to the main account!

  • Our job is to ensure that EVERY aspect of your role is done correctly.

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Instagram Marketing

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