Personal Assistant

$300 per month
Jul 24, 2020

Job Overview

Creative writer and life coach who resides in London (England time zone)  for 17 years as an artist and designer teaching UAL students privately is now working on International Experimental Theatre From East to West with the story developing from my own books..

I have spent several years creating a marvellous painting in words, an autobiography set in china, during the 1960's hard line communism to the 1990s state capitalism in a fiction novel style. The first novel is called Breasts and the second one is called Gold Rush.

My intention is to build a really special, intelligent team who work like a family, supporting each other through kindness and mindfulness to help the show have an enormous blossoming for the whole world - London.. Apollo Theatre, Battersea Theatre,  New York.. Broadway, Theatre. I have just started this journey, registering the company, it does not yet exist. 

I may come to Manila to work with professional actors and actresses to get started. And then I will require an assistant to be involved in different jobs including helping me find personal accommodation, researching theatres and local potential cultures and government requirements. I could also require some research and writing and some business proposal for theatre and funding. 

I am particularly looking for a mindful and very well organised assistant with an expressive English tone, a big reader of different types of books with a gut understanding of analysis and a high IQ, high emotional intelligence and able to focus on the job. 

Also someone who can be involved in helping me with personal arrangements such as travelling, searching for properties to stay, searching for properties to buy in London. 

Someone who is looking for personal growth transformation from this job. Someone with big space to grow. Someone who can has high potential, discipline to focus every day and goal setting. Analyse the problems of the job. Someone who loves to have great ability to build the tools to solve the problems and to communicate with themselves and with me and with other people.  I am looking for a very creative person who loves literature, arts and music and has depth of understanding about all of this but has the intelligence to not mess up art as an excuse for them to hide their own problems. Great art is supposed to be great therapy to help the problem and to transform the problem into art as a material.

I am also looking for someone to help me build a great instagram page with lots of followers for my art, books and deep sharing. Someone with delicious English tones and not boring writing like a robot. 

Approximately 8 hours per day, full time. Looking for someone to work 1-2 years. There is a possibility to have an increase in salary after 6-8 months. It depends how much contribution is given to the job and to success. 

Some other tasks required: professional English typing - video, films and books, organising documents, research, being responsible, excellent communication and organisation skills, someone with great flow of energy. 

Also I am particularly interested in looking for an open minded young person who is interested in other cultures and who also has a spiritual intention to learn. I prefer a very creative person who loves literature, arts and music and has depth of understanding about all of this. I want this to all be through kindness and love.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Travel Planning
  • Writing
  • Personal Assistant

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