Real Estate Search and Data Orginization

Part Time
Aug 03, 2020

Job Overview

Hi, I am a real estate agent and investor in Austin Texas. I buy distressed properties and fix them for rent or resale.

There are many properties to sort through, and quite a bit of data to be collect. I am looking for someone who can follow a basic checklist and search for properties. Once found, they need to be able to put them into Asana.

Additonally, I would the assistnat to have the ability to occaisonlly email agents or brokers here in the US to follow up with questions. And of course, I need them to be able to email me in addtion to interacting with Asana.

I am looking for 10-20 hours a month on the low side at first, and moving up as I expand operations. If things work out, I expect to keep this individual employed with no end in sight.

The employee needs good english and typing skills, a valid email address, access to the internet and a computer with the ability to download and upload the occasional file. The employee needs the ability to learn several US real estate terms.

Thank you,

Carl Dieckmann

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research

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