Real Estate VA - Cold Caller & Lead Generation, USA Based Small Business

Part Time
Aug 06, 2020

Job Overview

Hello! My name is Tin Nguyen - and I am one of the co-founders of Rise Property Solutions, LLC.

We are a small real estate company working to expand our property portfolio and grow our operations. We have set new goals for this year and hope to increase activity in the following

  • Our main focus is solving issues for homeowners that need cash quickly by offering a fair cash offer for their house. We then rehab & update their house then sell on the market AKA House Flipping

  • Other than selling on the market, we also hope to move towards renting our properties after repairs for continued cash-flow

  • Sell contracts to other investors if we are unable to provide the money needed to fund the project AKA wholesaling

We are expanding our marketing and we are in search of a motivated individual who can help us with lead generation through Cold Calling.

Job Description

  • This candidate will be provided several lists of thousands of phone numbers and tasked to call each as potential leads throughout their work week.

  • Our candidate will be provided basic training and a script to follow. Candidate does not have to follow script word for word, but a certain level of proficiency is expected to determining if a call is a potential lead for a homeowner to sell their property.

  • Once an address is received as a potentially warm lead, candidate will access our real estate program, Propstream, to compare similar houses that have sold recently and determine property selling price.


Mininum Requirements

  • Comfortable with working hours during USA Time Zone.

  • Access to reliable Phone & Internet connection.

  • Previous experience in customer service, cold calling, telemarketing, or other customer-facing occupation requiring client interaction.

  • English-Fluent and a basic understanding of Real Estate.

  • Ability to handle rejection from angry call responses and maintain motivation throughout workday.

  • Organized work habits to track warm leads and follow up appropriately.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Real Estate, House Flipping, MLS, Propstream, and/or finding comparables for real estate properties.

  • Experiece with Mojo Dialer

  • Well-developed business and phone etiquette


Candidate will be expected to work 4 hours each weekday Mon-Fri between 9AM-6PM

 This position will be hired on a part-time basis but based on performance, candidate can expect an opportunity to be promoted to a full-time 8 hour workday position if desired. Pay will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment schedule will be on a weekly basis - the first week withheld and will be paid the subsequent week.

Salary Per Month - $240 part time

Bonus opportunities - $100 added bonus for each lead that candidate provides AND the company is able to sign a contract with homeowner.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Real Estate Services
  • Appointment Setter

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