Process Automation Developer

Full Time
Aug 18, 2020

Job Overview

The Automation Developer

Is responsible for creating coding automation process components. Ensures that all automation designs meet the required specifications and also conducts appropriate unit testing, ensuring configuration control is maintained at all times.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development, enhancement and maintenance of Real Estate IQ Off-Market applications, creation of APIs to connect Real Estate IQ databases to various 3rd party databases and CRMs.

  • Design, code, test, debug and document Real Estate IQ applications and software projects

  • Research new technologies to optimize, automate and streamline operations and data processing workflow

  • Work collaboratively with Real Estate IQ Off-Market teams by participating in client compliance exercises

  • Development of Podio extensions to complement and work with Real Estate IQ tools.

  • Interface with key clients to understand needs, identify trends and solicit feedback.

  • Ensure compliance of design, development and unit test of applications based on the specified standards.

  • Perform analysis and resolve technical problems, formulate long term solutions to address issues escalated from the team.

  • Other tasks as assigned.


  • 2-3 years minimum Programming and Project experience with excellent understanding of programming concepts.

  • Knowledge in Data Extraction Automation and Data Analysis

  • Background in Application Development on Big Data technologies

  • Knowledge in Python programming language, Scrapy and web scraping technologies

  • Knowledge in CRM PODIO, PHP, RESTful APIs and API Communications

  • Strong track record of designing, implementing and supporting solutions.

  • Excellent working experience with Automation process and programming language and coding. SQL and NoSQL database experience (mySQL, MongoDB), Source code version control (Git, SVN, etc)

  • Self motivated, actions and results oriented.

  • Experience with MS Data Warehouse System Development, Environment including MS development tools ie, SQL Server, SSIS, etc.

Home Office Requirements:

  • 100% Remote work

  • Availability to work business hours in US Central Time

  • Computer (Core i3 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 1080p Webcam)

  • Home office with a private room and desk.

  • Reliable and stable internet (5 MBPS minimum, 10 MBPS preferred with ability to go up to 50 MBPS).

Skills Required

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