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Top 8 High Paying Online Jobs in the Philippines in 2021

You must be bored commuting every day, considering you have to travel to and from work each day. Are you thinking that you no longer want to work in the 8-5 system, worrying if you can catch the virus out there and risk your family lives?

If you’re worried about financial security that your current job pays well, you can also have a high-paying online job. Due to the impressive increased productivity of online employees, the number of online workers is rising per day. In addition, changes in the economy and work processes have made online jobs increase since the pandemic hit.

People with various skill sets and competencies are using multiple ways to pursue their dreams working online. Here are the high paying online jobs in the Philippines that can match your expertise:

1. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager has a firm grasp of current marketing tools and strategies to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution.

Most digital marketing managers are concerned with increasing revenue and brand loyalty through activities and promotions designed to raise visibility and satisfaction. Therefore, they must possess an in-depth understanding of e-commerce and the constantly evolving digital marketplace.

As a digital marketing manager, your advanced knowledge of Internet rules and guidelines is desirable. Technical skills, such as mastery of SEO (search engine optimization), are needed and can create or sustain the company's online brand awareness. A master's degree in marketing is preferred, and hands-on expertise with marketing and e-commerce.

The following article will help you learn more about digital marketing jobs in the Philippines.

Average Monthly Salary: $600-$1200/month (P30,000-60,000/month)

2. Web Content Manager

Web content managers are in charge of the content that appears on websites. They can track website traffic, ensure that the website operates appropriately, and respond to website comments. Work in this area usually includes education and expertise in a field involving computers. In addition, employers may need experience developing websites or using content management systems.

If you are a web content manager, you control content creators, selection, and consistency. You are also a member of the creative team responsible for the website's development and layout.

Average Monthly Salary: $500-$1,000/month (P25,000-P50,000/month)

3. Business Analyst

A competent business analyst is accountable for developing and supporting business information systems that span several agencies. They recognize issues and opportunities within a business and eventually offer strategies that help the company accomplish its objectives.

As a business analyst, your role scope should include working with financial reporting and information technology departments to create plans and solutions that reduce costs and increase internal and external reporting.

Average Monthly Salary: $640-$760/month (P32,000-P38,000/month)

4. App Developer

Employers are looking for an experienced application developer to help them build and code practical systems and applications. You can operate in a team setting as well as alone with little supervision.

A genuinely outstanding application developer possesses superior knowledge of at least one programming language. In addition, you must be comfortable working with a multitude of different operating systems and platforms. Additionally, the perfect candidate would possess an observational temperament and an uncanny ability to pay attention to detail. The objective is to write "safe" and error-free code to create entirely usable software applications that adhere to the specifications.

Average Monthly Salary: $700-$900/month (P35,000-P45,000/month)

5. Software Engineer

The corporate world is mainly reliant on software for various purposes - from automatic traffic control systems to complicated industrial procedures. Software engineers play a critical role in developing software that solves problems. Therefore, if you’re a software engineer, you must manage the whole software development lifecycle - from requirement analysis to design, testing, and software development to fulfill various requirements.

Software engineers log this process with diagrams and flowcharts, creating computer instructions using algorithms. Given the job scope, a software engineer must possess an in-depth understanding of computer systems to identify any hardware constraints affecting software design.

Average Monthly Salary: $700-$1200/month (P35,000-P60,000/month.)

6. Technical Writer

A technical writer produces documents and educational resources to improve the user experience on a web network. User manuals, integration guides, API development guides, in-platform manuals, installation/configuration instructions, and device procedures can all be included in this report.

Technical writers usually have a bachelor's degree in English, communication, journalism, software engineering, computer science, technical writing, teaching, curriculum development, scientific publication, or corresponding professional experience. Typically, applicants for technical writer roles have a few years of professional experience in one of those areas.

As a technical writer, you must be an expert at writing for technical and non-technical readers to engage effectively with various users. Additionally, you are responsible for constantly editing and revising content to ensure users have the best possible experience with a continually evolving digital product.

Average Monthly Salary: $600-$800/month (P30,000-P40,000/month)

7. Quality Analyst

The quality analyst is responsible for designing and implementing test plans, test scripts, and process plans for assigned tasks. An outstanding candidate will collaborate with other teams to conduct and validate test cases according to quality criteria and recommend modifications to predetermined quality standards. 

If you apply for the post, you will be accountable for ensuring that the final product complies with all applicable quality requirements, is completely functioning, and is user-friendly.

To succeed as a quality analyst, you must exhibit a high level of attention to detail and critical and problem-solving skills. In addition, the right candidate would be able to understand and apply quality assurance standards and provide reliable and thorough reviews to coworkers.

Average Monthly Salary: $500-$700/month (P25,000-P35,000/month.)

8. Video Editor

A video editor organizes video and audio files into a final output using digital software. To successfully build the concept clients have in mind, a video editor must embody technological and creative skills. 

Therefore, you must have previous experience creating software and a sharp eye for innovative digital design for this role.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree in film production or a closely similar area is required. Likewise, the ability to deal with various software applications, such as the Adobe Suite, is a valuable trait for this role. A video editor's ability to interact clearly with clients and grasp their objectives allows them to bring their concepts to life. Employees who are enthusiastic about digital technology and developing creative content typically succeed in this role.

Average Monthly Salary: $500-$700/month (P25,000-P35,000/month)

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