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So, What’s The Benefit Of Doing This?


Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will find the best person for the role you need filled.


Your virtual staff will report to our office which has all the security and infrastructure ready to have them at their most productive.


We pay your virtual employees the following 3 things INCLUDED in the fee you pay us.

  • Basic Salary
  • Allowance
  • Government-Mandated Benefits (Healthcare, Social Security, etc)

You get a dedicated account manager to help you grow your virtual team.

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Why Will Your Filipino Virtual Employees Be Happy Working Inside Our Office?

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We pay and provide them everything required as if they’re a regular employee working for a local company here in the Philippines. (This means peace of mind and security for them).


We provide your virtual employees with laptops, comfy office chairs, workstations, internet and free unlimited beverages.


We provide them with the peace of mind that working for you is the same as a full-time office job.


The largest virtual assistant provider in the Philippines.
Founded by Outsourcing Expert Michael Brodie.

Who Manages Your REMOTE STAFF?

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Your remote staff will be like your full-time virtual employees just like a regular employee in your home country.


The BIG difference is they will be housed in our office and you employ them through us (means we handle the red tape this end).

This Option Is For Companies That Want The Best Staff

Recruitment Fee: $500 per Employee

Our talent acquisition specialist will recruit your staff for FREE!

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What Type Of Staff Do You Require?

Customer Support
Admin Support
WordPress Developer
Front End Developer
Back-End Developer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
Social Media Marketer
Accountant (CPA)
Cold Callers/ Telemarketers
SEO (search engine optimizer)