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Build Your Customer Service Team in the Philippines

Who Is This Option Suitable For?

This is for businesses looking to immediately hire between 5-25 customer support reps.

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What Does It Cost?

We like to be 100% transparent with you so let us break it down so you know EXACTLY what you get, what is costs, and how it works.

  • $500-$800/month ($3.12-$5/hour)
  • (Full-time with health benefits and social security included).
  • The exact salary depends on what specific role you’re hiring for.
  • Our recruitment specialist recruits your staff
  • We monitor your staff
  • You get a dedicated account manager
  • We help you create systems and scale
  • Office (your staff work in one of our fully monitored offices)
  • Health insurance, social security and payroll taken care of for all your Filipino employees
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Recruitment Fee: $500 per Employee

We no longer charge the recruitment fee for people looking to hire 5+ staff.

That’s it. Yes, it’s really that simple and straightforward.

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