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  • No salary markups
  • Hire on your terms
  • No hidden fees
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Lifetime

Do It Yourself


Best if you’re on a tight budget and want the lowest cost virtual assistant




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Unlimited access. Pay your worker directly.

Done For You


For busy entrepreneurs who don’t want to micro-manage their virtual assistant




1. We help you recruit the best virtual assistant
2. We monitor your virtual assistant
3. We help you manage your virtual assistant
4. Ongoing support

This is all done by providing you with an account manager!

Virtual Staff

(They come to work inside our office like a regular employee)

Build your own office-based team of virtual staff in the Philippines. It's like having full-time employees!


  • Your staff work inside our fully monitored office
  • NDA & Data Privacy guaranteed by us
  • Get your own account manager
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Using virtualstaff.ph to hire home-based virtual workers is risk free. The Do It Yourself and Done For You subscription comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee!

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Still Not Ready?

Let's Answer Questions That You Probably Have:

Download your FREE copy of the ultimate salary guide for hiring Filipino virtual assistant.
You can use our TIME TRACKING software. Simply set tasks and have your VA login and record the time it takes them to do each task.

No. As long as you're not a registered business in the Philippines (I'm assuming you're in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA etc.) Your workers are in the Philippines and you'll hire them like subcontractors.

Your worker will handle their own personal tax commitments in the Philippines and you'll NOT be responsible for any employee tax.


Other than the $49 or $79 subscription (which you can cancel anytime), the only other cost you'll have is the salary you decide to pay your virtual assistant.

VirtualStaff.ph does NOT charge ANY SALARY MARKUP or TAKE ANY FEE from the worker.. that's why you pay the LOWEST salary rates because you PAY THE REAL SALARY RATES DIRECT TO THE WORKERS.

You can pay as a tiny fee of $49 upfront and you can hire your worker for life.. WITHOUT PAYING US AGAIN.

Sites like Freelancer and Upwork etc might be "FREE" at first glance.

But the fact is they are extremely expensive if you look at it properly.

They charge a % of the workers fee. They also charge ongoing fees meaning the workers rates are significantly higher than the ones on our site as the worker must add the % increase to account for the fee they are charged!

So it costs you a lot more in the long run!

VirtualStaff.ph was created to specifically provide you a solution if you wanted to hire ongoing virtual workers without having to pay the "middleman".

Typical Virtual Assistant on our site costs $400/month full-time (160 hours), that's $2.50/Hour.

On a site like Freelancer you'll find it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to find a talented virtual assistant for under $5/Hour.


See what other people have said about us.

Wow! It's been great using your site. Found 3 filipino virtual assistants. Highly recommended.

Atty. Shelumeil Abapo

Great site, easy to use and does what it says it will do.

Damian Slominski, CEO

Hired a full time virtual assistant and part time digital marketer. Excellent site. & great candidates to choose from

Ryan Basileno, Founder