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Build a virtual team, grow your business, put systems in place, and create more freedom!

Because You Work Directly With Me As Your 1-1 Virtual Boss Coach. I Only Ever Work With a Limited Number Of Clients At Any Given Time - If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...


Increase your profits, & dramatically reduce your workload in just 12 months!

Michael Brodie

Meet Michael Brodie

Founder, CEO VirtualStaff.ph

  • Founder of the Philippines largest Virtual Assistant marketplace
  • Built several multi-million dollar businesses
  • Was Europe's youngest ever retail CEO to have shopping mall presence.
  • Launched MichaelBrodie.net - The site that helps you live a virtual boss lifestyle.
  • Helped more people build virtual teams in the Philippines than anybody else on this planet!
  • Helped hundreds of business owners work less, earn more, and get control of their lives by applying the virtual boss system.
  • Advisor to 22 Seven figure businesses


  1. Michael will help you hire a virtual assistant and your own "go to team of freelance experts", grow your business, put systems in place and create freedom so you can live life on your terms.
  2. 24 x 1-1 coaching and consulting sessions with Michael Brodie
  3. Work with VirtualStaff.ph CEO Michael Brodie and create more freedom by applying the principles of leverage.
  4. Have two 30 minute video or phone meetings with Michael Brodie each month (24 per year) - stay focused on achieving the results that you want.
  5. Create a 12 month road map to living the life you want by working on the business, instead of working inside it.
  6. Learn how to leverage virtual assistants and freelancers so you can spend your time on the most profitable tasks in your business.
  7. Learn how to build expertise on demand by having both a skilled virtual assistant + access to a team of low cost, yet talented freelancers.
  8. Have accountability and FINALLY achieve your goals this year!
  9. Use the virtual boss principle to work less hours, increase income, and build a business and life that matches your personal ideal of success.