is a platform that connects businesses and entrepreneurs directly with Filipino virtual assistants and remote staff in the Philippines. Our goal is to remove the need for companies to use recruiters and cut out the middlemen, making hiring VA’s easier than ever before.


Michael Brodie
CEO & Founder

This is the part I can usually talk in third person and tell the world how smart I am. "hey world, I'm Michael Brodie and I'm super smart!". But after trying to think of way’s to sound way smarter than I am, I thought it best to cut to the chase and introduce myself. And believe it or not, I have not outsourced this part! I’ve actually sat down and typed this on my laptop while waiting to catch a flight!

Okay so In a nutshell I left school at 16, by 17 formed a retail company called Toy World, grew a chain of stores, invested in other businesses including a nightclub, milkshake bar, and import business, employed 40-50 people in the UK, got fed up of it all, and decided I wanted to become a virtual boss. I created the life I wanted, and began outsourcing and hiring Filipino VA’s to do tasks and parts of my businesses that I did not want to do.

When I first started hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines I used recruiters, virtual staff finders, BPO companies, and other providers to help me find virtual assistants. Fed up of paying $500 and $1,000 recruitment fees, and also being annoyed about paying $300-400 per month management fees per agent, and other third party providers adding salary mark ups to agent’s salary costs. I decided to become obsessed with creating an online platform that would help the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs like me, who want to hire Filipino Virtual Assistants without the middlemen and associated costs. was born.

I’m super transparent and my passion is helping other entrepreneurs grow their business and get their life back by controlling the one thing they can control, which is what they do with their time.

Contact me and I always try to personally reply if I can. Ask me anything you want via twitter: @thevirtualboss