is a platform that connects businesses and entrepreneurs directly with Filipino virtual assistants and remote staff in the Philippines. Our goal is to remove the need for companies to use recruiters and cut out the middlemen, making hiring VA’s easier than ever before.


Michael Brodie
CEO & Founder is a place where businesses can find and hire remote workers in the Philippines. The website is split into two parts:

1. Hire home-based virtual assistants: We have 100,000+ virtual staff profiles on our database where businesses can contact and hire workers direct.

It’s unique because we charge no salary mark ups and no ongoing monthly fees.

2. Build an office based team of virtual employees: This is specifically for fast growing businesses looking to leverage the cost and skill advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines.

Your virtual employees are based inside an official office, recruited, monitored and mentored by our in-house team.

The account manager you get designated with is personally trained by Michael Brodie.

So who is “ CEO Michael Brodie”


Okay so In a nutshell I left school at 16, by 17 and because the youngest retail store CEO in the UK when I formed a retail company called Toy World. If you Google “Michael Brodie Toys”, there is some newspaper articles about it.

My partner is a lawyer in the Philippines, and after our relationship got serious, I ended up moving to the country.

I became obsessed with Philippines outsourcing and the rest is history.

Asides from, I also own a company with my partner called, as well as an aircon business.

Contact me and I always try to personally reply if I can by LinkedIn or Tweet @thevirtualboss