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I hired using Virtual Staff for my digital business ventures. The website earned my trust as they have been in the business for more than six years. They have cultivated a brand that is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.

- Ryan Smith, CEO


Subscription & Services

Yes. Some of the biggest companies have trusted us to build their teams in the Philippines.

If you’d like compliance, legal protections, enforceable staff contracts, professional recruitment, and even your own dedicated Client Success Manager, check out the Enterprise Solution.

Free accounts let you post jobs and see applicants. It allows you to see if anybody good applies.

You can upgrade to message, send job offers, and hire if you get some great applicants.

We want our site to be safe for everyone.

If we let employers message workers without paying, it often creates a scammy and spammy environment, and the quality becomes awful.

To ensure we offer the best talent pool in the Philippines, we’ve made our platform incredibly safe by making it a subscription-based site.

This means honest, legit, and “proper” businesses can use our platform and safely build world-class teams in the Philippines at unbeatable rates.

The small subscription fee allows us to eliminate scams and spam and make it a much better experience for everyone.

When you consider our industry-leading money-back guarantee, there is ZERO risk for you.

The risk is on us. We need to prove why you’ve made an excellent decision to trust our platform to build your team in the Philippines.

We have such a bold money-back guarantee because if you compare the salary rates and talent on to other outsourcing options, you’ll quickly notice that it’s unrivaled in terms of quality and affordability.

We wanted everything to be unlimited and all-inclusive for you.

As a company, we love simplicity. With that, we decided to offer a flat fair subscription price with no limitations.

Everything is all-inclusive, and “use as much as you want.”

We feel that the $99/month is justified due to the value we provide you. You can, of course, save by getting the yearly plan for only $297/year (less than $25/month).

Before, most businesses went through low-quality “job boards” or “freelance sites” where nobody wanted to work full-time for one employer.

Our price allows us to attract serious businesses that want to hire world-class staff in the Philippines.

The price also allows us to continue to invest in platform development, improve it, add more value, and provide safety, protection, and a better experience for you.

We created to provide an all-in-one place for you to find and hire the best staff in the Philippines.

Yes, you can hire as many staff as you want.

Yes, you can upgrade from monthly to yearly at any time.

You can cancel at any time from within your account. Just click the “cancel” button.

However, once you cancel, you’ll no longer be able to message, send offers, or hire new staff.

You will, however, still be able to pay your staff from within the platform.

Hiring & Managing Staff

It’s incredibly easy. All you need to do is contact, interview, and send a job offer to the applicants you want to hire.

This is done by clicking either the “send offer” or “hire staff” button inside your account.

After the talent has accepted your job offer, you can pay your staff (the talent) from inside by clicking the “pay staff” button.

It’s up to you and the staff to decide. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever works best for you!

You click the “terminate” button or “icon” that you can find on your employer dashboard.

Remember that if you owe the staff any money for hours worked, settle that with them before you click the terminate button.

Yes. Once you’ve hired people, you can communicate inside or outside the platform.

As a safety measure, we’d strongly suggest communicating with staff inside the platform about salary and work hours. Asides from that, do whatever works best for you and your business.