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Receive weekly salary invoices and make payments through Virtual Staff. Only pay for the hours you authorize!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. is 100% free for employers to use.

The only money you ever pay is the salary amount you agree with the staff when you send a job offer and a small 3% payment processing fee.

For example, you agree to $5.00 per hour for 40 hours of work per week. The amount you will pay would be $200.00 ($5.00 x 40 hours) + 3%.

You can, of course, optionally send staff bonuses or reimbursements from inside your employer account. This is entirely up to you.

It’s free to use our time tracking and task management tools.

You pay staff salaries inside of your employer account. It’s really easy.

You can also send bonuses and reimbursements from inside of your employer account.

Please be aware that it's a violation of our terms of service if you pay staff outside of the platform. If someone asks you to pay them outside of the platform, it could be a scam.

For the integrity of our marketplace, kindly report any person that asks you to do one of the following things

1. Pay them outside the platform
2. Pay them in advance of working.

Under no circumstances should you ever pay staff in advance of work. All salaries must be paid weekly, and always the following week after the staff has worked.

You are under no obligation to pay your staff hired on benefits unless you or your company is based in the Philippines.

However, if you’d like to, we have a Payroll & Compliance service as part of our Enterprise Options.

It’s easy. From within your employer dashboard, click “Manage Staff,” followed by “My Staff,” then select the name of the person, and after that, you’ll see a “Terminate Staff” button.

Upon termination, you will receive a final invoice if any hours logged in Work Log have not yet been paid.

You do. It’s just like hiring local staff. The only difference is you save a lot of money because you’re hiring staff in the Philippines instead.

No. Your staff will not be legally entitled to any benefits from you. It’s, of course, up to you if you want to pay bonuses and reimbursements. You click “Manage Staff” from inside your employer dashboard and follow the steps.

It’s an English speaking country (former USA territory) with a highly educated young workforce. Because of the cost of living being cheaper, it means you can hire staff for a fraction of the cost of the USA. You can expect to save 70-80% on salary costs.

Suppose the salary invoice is incorrect (not the correct hours). The first step is to communicate with the staff and agree on the right number of hours. You have 72 hours to click “amend invoice” to the correct amount before auto-billing would occur.

Suppose you can not agree with the staff on the correct hours. The next step is to click the “dispute” button on the invoice within your Virtual Staff employer account. You will then be asked to submit evidence and explain what has happened. We will assist both the employer and the worker in resolving the dispute amicably.

Post a job, message applicants, and click the "send offer" or "hire staff" button.

Once you click the button, you can then send them an offer that includes the hourly rate, number of hours per week they will work, and other important info.