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Filipinos are among the most sought after professionals when it comes to home-based jobs. With the boom of the internet and the rise of social media, more Filipinos are hired by businesses to work on a number of jobs for their operations. This article will show you the 8 best online jobs in the Philippines

Usually, Filipino virtual assistants either work as a freelancer or independent contractor doing either a part-time or full-time job. What is sure is that there will be an online job for every skill and niche Filipino professionals are known for.

You’re probably heard many stories about Filipinos having online jobs who would say how convenient and relevant online jobs are these days. What you will need is your own personal computer and a stable internet connection, plus the right job for your skills, then you’ll be earning in no time.

Check out this list of the best online jobs for Filipino professionals:

  • Virtual Assistant- This is one of the most in-demand online jobs in the Philippines. Filipinos who are organized and good at communicating with a very good knowledge of software basics, then being hired as a virtual assistant is a perfect match. Virtual assistants are usually tasked with secretarial, administrative and clerical tasks. Among the tasks include files and contacts management, calendar management, as well as preparing reports, spreadsheets, proposals and business presentations. The average full-time salary per month is between Php 18,000 to Php 35,000. The rate, of course, varies depending on skills and experience level. For more information on how to become a virtual assistant, visit

  • Data entry- This is also known as a database administrator. Basically, this job requires one to have fast and accurate typing skills with the ability to focus on important details. Database administrators usually input, manage, review and update large amount of data and information accurately in a computer system preferred by a client. Filipinos having great familiarity with Microsoft Office and other relevant data programs will very much thrive in this online job. The average salary per month is Php 13,000 to Php 20,000.

  • Content writer- Among the most common online job Filipinos are hired for is that of a content writer. Filipinos who are well-read and are able to organize their thoughts well and create informative and relevant content can land a job as a content writer. Usually, the client provides a topic list which covers a wide variety of subjects which may be fiction or non-fiction. Said content will then be published for a website, magazine, or writers may even create their own blogs with the articles they have written. The average salary per month is Php 18,000 to PhP32,000. Many employers also pay on a per article basis which can be between $2-$10 per article depending on length and complexity.

  • Content editor- Filipinos having a strong command of the English language can work well as a content editor. The job is usually focused on editing content which requires a very good knowledge of the twists and turns of grammar and syntax of the English language. Additionally, a good grasp on diction, jargon, lexicon, and sentence structure is a must for this job. The average salary per month is PhP20,000 to PhP32,000.

  • Web programmer/designer- Filipinos having technical knowledge in coding and website layout very much fits this kind of online job. Web programmers are expected to have a deep understanding of computer programming, graphic designing, and site maintenance. They should likewise be keen on providing great web content, graphics and other website specifications. The average salary per month ranges from PhP23,000 to PhP68,000.

  • Online tutor or ESL tutor- There are many companies offering tutoring as their main service. There are Filipinos teaching a variety of subjects such as math, science, history and other short courses. The most common would be teaching English as Second Language (ESL) for those non-English speakers who would like to hone their knowledge of the English language. Filipinos having a good command of the English language are very much needed in this kind of job. The average salary per month ranges from PhP22,000 to PhP58,000.

  • Transcriptionist- This job has three types namely: general transcription, production transcription and medical transcription. Beginners to this kind of job usually focus on general transcription. This involves transcribing basic audios such as interviews, phone conversations, meetings, and voice mails. For production transcriptions, this focuses more on audio files. The most technical among the three is the medical transcription which requires a general knowledge in the field of medicine since what will be transcribed are doctor’s notes. The average salary per month is PhP14,000.

  • Translator- Filipinos having a good command of a foreign language such as Spanish, French, and Chinese are able to find a job as a translator. What is expected from a translator is to ensure that the translation clearly conveys the message based on the original text in order that the target audience can understand the message well? This pays well since the average monthly salary ranges from PhP40,000 to PhP80,000 depending upon the material to be translated.

There are a lot more online jobs in the Philippines. Some might be very technical which would require a deeper knowledge of a certain skill or expertise like programming, SEO or accounting, and some might be data entry, admin, blog writing or customer service. The truth is, the opportunities are endless, and as the Philippines becomes an even greater outsourcing destination, more and more online jobs will become available. Filipinos new to the outsourcing industry can very well find a job that will suit them in no time.

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