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Basic Survival Tips for Filipino Virtual Assistants

Faced it, when working as a Filipino Virtual Assistant we are putting ourselves at risk every day. Most likely one factor of well-being we are putting in danger is our health condition.

With the most working schedule starts every night, a significant hazard can happen within this time frame, as to why you are wondering? Working the night shift powers your body to work on a timetable that conflicts with its normal circadian rhythms. More often than not, it is anything but a smart thought to conflict with what Mother Nature set up.

It is unavoidable with the type of jobs that we have, but since you are already aware of, I will share with you some basic survival tips working as a Filipino Virtual Assistant.

Shift the Sleep Gear Slowly

If you are new to this work environment, then you are probably dead by daylight (joke aside)

Make sure to take things slowly, According to Clinical Psychologists the best way to successfully shift your sleep cycle is to do it gradually, in 15-minute increments.

Give yourself, in any event, three or four evenings to get settled with the new work schedule. On the off chance that it's working out in a good way, on the fourth or fifth night, shave off an additional 15 minutes.

Grogginess at early stages when you get up it is already expected that you feel sleepy after waking up.

Stay Away from Coffee

Caffeine is an energizer that is utilized to give you a snappy increase in vitality and keep you conscious.

The issue with caffeine lies in the way that it remains in your framework for a considerable length of time after you feel the impacts, and it can keep you from resting soundly after work.

Drink water at whatever point conceivable to stay away from the issues brought about by caffeine.

Or consider drinking tea, it has more proven health benefits like antioxidants and even improves your sleep pattern.

Stay Away from Nicotine and Alcohol

If you are an excessive smoker and a heavy liquor drinker, it might be better to avoid or either decrease your intake.

Liquor can make you nod off quicker, however, it additionally decreases fast eye-development (REM) rest.

REM rest is the helpful period of your rest cycle, so in the event that you meddle with that by devouring liquor, you successfully meddle with your body's capacity to fix itself.

At the point when you bring nicotine into your body, your pulse expands, your breathing turns out to be quicker and shallower, and your circulatory strain goes up.

These are the contrary conditions your body needs to nod off. Basically, at that point, you are attacking your rest by smoking before bed.

Eating the Right Plate

You are what you eat and eating the right diet is your go-to guard against the negative effect of the night shift.

Try eating the same way you would even if you consume less.

Pick food that is easy to digest so your body can concentrate on remaining conscious and keeping your precious body nourished.

By sticking to your own meal plan you are keeping yourself away to old eating that could definitely affect your alertness during the night.

With these tips on hand, your survival rate of working the night shift is more achievable. Don't just keep yourself alert at night but also be attentive about the small habits that could affect your body and mind.

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By: Kyle Daling

Virtual Assistant & Blogger