How eCommerce Businesses Can Benefit From Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Updated on : 12-Oct-2023 12:01 PM

Are you a commerce entrepreneur struggling to keep up with the demands of your online store? Do you find yourself juggling too many tasks and not having enough time in the day?

It may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant. And specifically, have you ever considered hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

In the below video, we will explore the benefits of working with Filipino virtual assistants and how they can help you streamline your commerce business.

From cost-effectiveness to English proficiency, we'll cover it all. So, let's dive in and see why hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines can be a game-changer for your business.

Benefits of Hiring a VA for eCommerce Business

​​1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines is cost-effectiveness. A skilled virtual assistant from the Philippines can be hired for a fraction of the cost of hiring in other countries like the US, Australia, UK, or Canada.

This makes it an attractive option for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are looking to streamline their business operations without incurring huge expenses.

However, some may wonder if the lower cost of hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines may come at the expense of quality work. The answer is no.

Filipino virtual assistants are known for their high-quality work, and with the right hiring process, you can find a skilled and competent assistant to help you with your business.

2. Time Zone Friendly

Since people in the Philippines are willing to work the graveyard shift, it becomes easy to work on tasks during the day in the US.

This means that e-commerce entrepreneurs can get their work done in a timely manner without having to compromise their sleep or work schedule.

3. English Proficiency

English is widely spoken and is the official language of the country. Additionally, English is used in legal and academic settings, making it the main language of instruction in schools and universities.

As a result, most Filipinos are fluent in English and are able to communicate effectively with clients from different parts of the world.

This level of proficiency means that clients do not have to worry about language barriers or communication breakdowns when working with virtual assistants from the Philippines. The quality of work is not compromised as a result of language difficulties.

Furthermore, because virtual assistants in the Philippines are able to communicate well in English, they are better equipped to understand and interpret client requirements accurately, which can lead to better outcomes for clients.

4. Skills

Apart from their language proficiency, Filipino virtual assistants also possess a wide range of skills. These include customer support, data entry, graphic design, social media management, product descriptions, and more.

This means that clients can find virtual assistants with specific skill sets that match their needs. Clients do not have to train their virtual assistants in these skills as they come equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge.

5. Cultural Fit

The cultural fit between the Philippines and the United States is a significant advantage for businesses looking to outsource. The Philippines has been heavily influenced by American culture due to its history as a former colony of the United States.

Filipinos are familiar with American pop culture, social customs, and even the English language. This cultural overlap can make communication and collaboration between American business owners and Filipino virtual assistants much smoother and easier.

Additionally, the Philippines is known for its friendly and hospitable people, making it easy to establish a good working relationship with virtual assistants. Filipinos are generally known to be respectful, polite, and hardworking, which is a desirable trait in a virtual assistant.

6. Added Value to Your Business

Hiring virtual assistants or remote staff members in the Philippines can also add value to a business when it comes time to sell it. A turnkey system with staff already in place can be a major selling point for potential buyers.

With virtual assistants already established and working, the new buyer can save time and effort on the hiring process and start working with a productive team from day one.

Moreover, long-term virtual assistants can be included in the deal as part of the company's assets. This can add value to the business, especially if the virtual assistant has built strong relationships with clients or has developed specialized skills that are essential to the business's success.

To Sum Up,

With a large pool of highly skilled and talented virtual assistants available, the Philippines is becoming a go-to destination for businesses looking to outsource their administrative and operational tasks.

By taking advantage of the benefits offered by outsourcing virtual assistants from the Philippines, you can focus on your core competencies, expand your operations, and ultimately achieve your business goals more effectively.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start building your remote team in the Philippines and take advantage of the best available talent for your eCommerce business! Scroll through some amazing profiles today and find the right fit for you on VirtualStaff.ph!

Amaiya is a Content Marketing Manager at VirtualStaff.ph with years of experience within the outsourcing and remote working world. You can reach out to her at amaiya@virtualstaff.ph

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