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The internet is full of sources and "gurus" and websites claiming to be the best Philippines outsourcing provider, or perhaps you'll see there company headline with a phrase like "The Best Filipino Virtual Assistants". Actually judging by company websites, everyone seems to be the number one provider!

Just a simple search in any search engine, I guarantee you’re going to end up finding thousands of results full of Philippines outsourcing companies trying to offer you kind of managed service. IGNORE THEM! Why pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars per month in "service fees".

For finding, hiring or learning about Filipino virtual assistants, is one of the many helpful sites you may want to consider. It’s full of job postings, online resources for virtual assistants, and an in-depth Philippines outsourcing masterclass that's available for free. On top of that, you can actually contact and hire virtual assistants direct, meaning NO SALARY MARKUP'S and certainly NO SERVICE OR MANAGEMENT FEES!

My own site is also a site which I talk, blog and podcast about all things outsourcing, virtual assistants, leverage and good old fashioned common sense. Remember, common sense is not so common!

So the aim of the game is not only to find great virtual assistants but to do it as quickly and hassle free as possible without having to use an expensive recruitment company. 

Yes, you can go to a site like VirtualStafffinder which is owned by Chris Ducker.

However, be warned that companies like this are expensive charging upwards of $500 in staff finder fees! Unless you would use a headhunter in your domestic market to find an employee, then the truth is you really don't need to pay a service like this which is primarily built on people's fears of making a mistake.

Instead, just go to or another site with a similar business model and post the job yourself, contact VA's and save the $500 fee!

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The most important thing companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to hire Filipino virtual assistants must do is to focus on making an attractive job posting. For those who want to attract the best Filipino virtual assistants, check out these factors you need to consider:

  • Don’t post vague details- Prospective applicants must be able to understand and know what you currently need for your company. An important thing to remember is to clearly state in your job posting what type of assistant you currently need. Never post vague details which will make your applicants guess if they are qualified for the job or not. Provide the skills, attributes, educational background and even previous work experience you want your assistant to possess. If you are able to mention these details in your job posting, applicants who fail to meet the minimum qualifications for the job will be removed from the applicants you will consider for the job.
  • Use regular job titles- The reason why you are posting the job is to inform people you need this kind of assistant or employee. You don’t want prospective applicants guessing what kind of employee you currently need. If you are looking for an SEO Specialist, then use that in your job posting. The same goes if you are hiring a Graphic Designer, Content Writer and other positions in your company. If you need to fill in positions with unusual job titles, use a more familiar job title in the heading of your posting, then explain the details in the body thereafter.
  • Most Important Info First- Begin with the most important information your prospective applicants need to know- You can do this by writing the most important skills and experience at the beginning of the body of your posting. You can then provide the ‘extras’ or other information you want to relay to applicants although not necessarily important.
  • Post the salary rate in your job post- As the business owner, posting the salary rate for the position you are hiring for will put things into perspective for your prospective Filipino virtual assistant. They will know how much they will receive as salary every month. If you don’t provide this information in your posting, this will create some uncertainty on the part of prospective applicants. Plus, it can waste your time if you're not clear about salary. For example, if you're looking to pay $350-$400 a month and you interview applicants who are looking for $550-600 a month then it's a pointless exercise.

How much is the going rate for a virtual worker in the Philippines?

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The Ultimate Salary Guide for Hiring Remote Staff in the Philippines

  • Post relevant information about your business- Prospective applicants must also know the company they will be applying for. You can post this towards the end of your job posting. Information such as your company’s structure, mission, vision, and company culture are some of the things applicants would want to know. Instilling your company’s values to prospective applicants would make them want to work for you long-term since they know they will contribute to the overall development of your company or business.
  • Clearly, identify “hard” skills and “soft” skills- Almost every job would require “hard” skills or skills that involve some technical expertise such as skills in web design, SEO, proficiency in coding, or graphic design among others. These are obviously important for your applicants to know what job they are applying for. But you should not forget the “soft” skills as well. These include the skill of being able to meet deadlines, resourcefulness, and even the ability to work with minimal supervision. You will need an applicant who possesses both the technical expertise and the character of a good employee.

The main goal of writing an attractive and good job post is to find the ideal candidate for your company. There are many Filipino virtual assistants who can surely fulfill whatever your company needs. Thus, in order to find the best candidate, job postings should, therefore, be written with thoughtful consideration with both your company’s needs in mind and the function your Filipino virtual assistant must fulfill.

Remember if you want more information on how to find the perfect virtual assistant for your business then go to or where you can post a job today and have applicants apply immediately.

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By: Michael Brodie

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