Unlock Ultimate Peace of Mind with
Our "Business Protection Plan!

Use our Philippine entity as the contractor of record
and unlock game-changing advantages.

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Unlimited Contractors of Record

Introducing the Business Protection Plan – your key to worry-free staffing solutions in the Philippines!


Why Choose the Business Protection Plan?

Hiring staff in the Philippines can be a double-edged sword.

As your business flourishes from huge cost savings and increased profits, so do the risks associated with unenforceable contracts and compliance issues.

Our Business Protection Plan, priced at just $149 a month, is meticulously designed to offer you the ultimate level of protection and legal recourse.

Comprehensive Legal Safeguards

With the Business Protection Plan, you gain the unprecedented advantage of hiring staff through our trusted legal entity in the Philippines.

This shield not only mitigates compliance risks but also empowers you with essential legal protections that standard plans can't provide.


Unleash the Power of Our Talent Ecosystem

Both our subscription tiers grant you access to an expansive talent database boasting over 1,000,000 skilled professionals in the Philippines.

Post jobs, seamlessly connect with potential candidates, conduct interviews, and leverage our cutting-edge AI talent matching to find the perfect fits for your team.

Elevate Your Confidence

What sets the Business Protection Plan apart is the unparalleled peace of mind it offers.

As the Philippines' premier outsourcing marketplace and pioneer of Virtual Staff Protection, we've got your back.

Trust that you're backed by a robust network that understands and supports your staffing needs.


Utilize Our Philippine Entity as Your Contractor of Record

With our Business Subscription Plan, you can harness the strength of our Philippine entity as your contractor of record.

This empowers you to enforce contracts effortlessly in the jurisdiction of the talent that you hire.

There's More to The Story...

Gone are the days of paying a monthly fee per staff that you hire.

At just $149/month, you're free to onboard as much talent as you need, all secured under our contractor of record protection!


But That's Not All VirtualStaff.ph Does...

VirtualStaff.ph Business Plan Gives You Everything You Need To Find, Hire, Track, And Pay Your Filipino Staff

All In One Convenient Dashboard!

Here's Everything That You Are Getting
With The Business Plan

Post jobs


Job approval time


AI Job Post Optimization


Bookmark workers


Customer support


Message Applicants


Send job offers


Hire Staff


AI Talent Match


Time tracking

Free to Use!

Virtual Staff Protection

Unlimited Opt ins

Enforceable Contracts

As many staff as you want

Enforceable NDAs

As many staff as you want

Legal Recourse

There if you need it

Payment Processing Fee

0% processing fee

All Of This For Only $149/month

Cancel Anytime

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Everything is Unlimited

"The key to success with building a team in the Philippines is to save a lot
of money, hire quality staff, and always protect yourself."

-Michael Brodie

Host of Secrets of a Virtual Boss Podcast


Virtual Staff Protection is a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your business when hiring staff through VirtualStaff.ph. It provides essential legal protections, enforceable contracts, and peace of mind, ensuring your business remains compliant and secure.

No, Virtual Staff Protection is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended to ensure your business has the necessary legal safeguards and protection when working with staff in the Philippines.

You have the flexibility to cancel Virtual Staff Protection at any time, with no fees or penalties. However, please note that by cancelling, you will lose all the valuable protections it provides, leaving your business vulnerable to potential risks.

Yes, you will need to pay your staff inside VirtualStaff.ph