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Philippines Outsourcing Tip: How To STOP your Virtual Assistant Going AWOL!

Okay so you've hired a VA, and after a few days, BOOM! communication has died.

You've sent them messages, emails, WhatsApp, tried to Skype call, but nothing but silence? I know, I experienced this when I first started hiring Virtual Assistants, and to be quite frank, I wish someone had done a video like this one that would save me the frustration.

Don't worry. You're not a putz! Or a wolly brain as Del Trotter would say. It's not you're fault that this has happened, well, at least not unless you're like some kind of 19th-century boss who thinks workers are simply a meal ticket.

One of the biggest frustrations for entrepreneurs is when they find & hire a great Filipino virtual assistant, only to find out that they have gone awol and randomly disappeared only a few days or a few weeks later. This video shows you how to STOP your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT from going AWOL!

In this video, Philippines outsourcing expert and serial entrepreneur Michael Brodie will share with you the tactic he uses that virtually eliminates this problem from happening.

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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By: Michael Brodie

The guy who's probably helped more businesses outsource to the Philippines than any other person on this planet.