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Philippines Outsourcing: Where to Find Filipino Virtual Assistants

Thinking of outsourcing to the Philippines or hiring a Filipino VA?

In this video outsourcing expert, Michael Brodie shares with you what options you have for finding and hiring a Filipino virtual assistant.

You're going to discover all of your outsourcing options in this video. Things such as:

  • Using Hiring direct (home based Filipino workers)
  • Using BPO companies
  • Using staff finders/recruiters

I'm going to show you all the options because I think it's only right that you become fully informed about each option, and then decide which option is best for you and your needs.

Remember, nothing is one size fits all, so digest the info I give, and then make your own decisions.

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By: Michael Brodie - The Virtual Boss

The guy who's helped more businesses outsource to the Philippines than anyone else on this planet.