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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting paid is easy. You can even receive your money at home or through a direct bank transfer. You can also receive it in person at western union. Here are some websites where your employer can send your money/salary online.
Usually weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This depends on what you and your employer agree on.
We’ve helped thousands of Filipinos find online jobs and work from home jobs with employers from around the world. is the safest platform in the world for helping you find an online job.
No it’s not! This is not a website that charges you to apply for jobs, nor is it a website that promotes commission only jobs. Onlines jobs at provide you with real job opportunities where you will get a set salary paid each month, for doing part time or full time work.
YES! As long as you’re over the age of 18 and legal working age then we encourage you to submit your filipino jobseeker profile and apply for jobs. We have thousands of online jobs available and the skillset and experience required varies from no experience fresh out of college all the way to advanced skills.
YES! onlinejobs philippines and home-based work is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines. You will not be leaving the Philippines to go work abroad. You will be working from your home, or an internet cafe (if that was your preference) doing online tasks for foreign companies.
We’ve never experience this before. If you do the work and honour your contract with the employer then you’ll always be paid. This question is no different to asking “what if you don’t get paid by your local employer?”. One sure way to verify the legitimacy of your employer is to check their website or check their company registration details.

However if this ever did happen, immediately contact our customer support at and we will permanently ban the person/company from using
To get an employer or an online job, you need to sign up for a account. Please provide as much information as possible including skills, experience, work history (if you have any), hobbies, interests etc. The more information, the more chances you have of getting hired by an employer.

Once your profile is completed, you can easily apply for online jobs ph, which is more preferable, or wait for employers to reach out and contact you.
We have real human people working at In fact we as a company employ many Filipino remote workers in various positions. Once you get caught lying on your profile, you risk being banned permanently from using our online jobs platform. Please make sure you keep your integrity and only post information that is true.
This depends on you. You could be hired within 24 hours or it could take several weeks. You have two options to find an online job at VirtualStaff:
1. Wait for an employer to contact you (takes longer)
2. Actively apply for jobs that you're qualified for (have the skills for). You can do this by viewing job posts
This means the job position has already been filled and is no longer available.
This totally depends on the job and employer. has thousands of filipino online job opportunities for people in the Philippines. Common tasks include writing articles, forum posts, blogs, and other content, you might be doing SEO and link building (if that’s your skill), perhaps you might be doing telemarketing, or customer support through live chat and email. Maybe programming, wordpress or web development? Or it could be that your listing products on Amazon or Ebay, doing competitor research, or managing PPC accounts. The list is huge and the opportunities for online jobs in the Philippines with are huge..
ID Trust is about providing information and increasing your identity level. What this means is, when you provide things such as your facebook and government issued ID, we can verify that your 100% real and true to your profiles identity. When this happens it makes employers more reassured which means you can often receive a higher salary!
No! Don’t worry when you confirm your identity through facebook, all your doing is confirming your identity. No one on including employers and other filipino jobseekers will be able to see your facebook profile.
Yes, this is a requirement to sign up for
No, however we highly encourage you to take some basic tests such as literacy and numeracy as it shows employers two things:
1- Your committed
2- Your skills in the English language

We guarantee this will increases your chances of getting hired for an online job. Remember Philippines online jobs are becoming more numerous because of the Filipino high level of skill in English.
No, you just need to have accumulated enough skill to be able to work online. We welcome all applicants.
Yes. But this depends on the job and the employer. We usually encourage people to work one full time job if possible.