Expert WordPress Designer

$300 - 600 / Per Month
Feb 08, 2021

Job Overview

Hi, I have a small web design and marketing business where I handle 90% of the work. I need to hire someone to handle the production side of things so I can focus on the business.  I need someone who is an expert at building beautiful websites using WordPress. Ideally, you are very familar with a page builder and can use that to base your designs on. You will also need to be able to build out the actual website. In other words, you won't be creating a design in Photoshop Illustrator, you will be actually building out the website.

You will be building out websites from scratch and will not be receiving a design to base your websites on. If you can find a theme from themeforest that has an appropiate demo site, you can import that demo site and adjust the content to fit the client. That will also be acceptable.  

This is much more of a design position instead of development/tech heavy position. In other words, you don't need to know how to write custom WordPress functions, but you do need to understand things like aestics, typography, color schemes etc. etc. Knowledge of CSS will be very helpful as well. 

This job will be on a freelance basis and won't have a set number of hours. Right now, I have about one or two websites a month with a few small projects in between. 


Skills Required

  • Web Content Writing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Content Management
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • Graphics Editing
  • User Interface Design
  • Web page Design

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