Rockstar Copywriter

$1000 - 1000 / Per Month
Full Time
Mar 05, 2021

Job Overview

STARTING SALARY IS PHP 45,000/mo. Salary will go up with experience.


STERRY is a Growth Marketing Agency focused on Crowdfunding, Advertising, PR & Creatives Solutions.

Since inception, we've helped our clients raise $25M+ USD in direct trackable revenue through online channels such as crowdfunding or e-commerce.

We work seamlessly to push through client’s limitations and think not just about the client’s brand, e-commerce, and marketing. Everything we do is directly translatable into online revenue.


- For this role, we're looking for a Rockstar Copywriter who will help the different clients that we have.

- A structured approach to working. We'll be using a project management-like approach with Asana (along with a communication tool like Slack) to improve collaboration and communication.

- You resolve problems independently, rather than only taking orders. I want you to feel empowered and fulfilled in the job, and speak your mind if you think things can be done better.

- You love taking on challenges and learn new skills quickly.


- Be able to communicate and write in excellent English

- Knows how to do product, market, and company research by themselves.

- Writes copywriting for different platforms (SM Posting, Blogs, advertising etc.)

- Proofreads all the content and brainstorm what will work the best

- Collaboration with our graphic designers to produce quality campaign artwork that aligns with our clients' brand style

- Help with Email / Shopify Marketing and product descriptions


- One to two years experience in copywriting

- A great understanding of how to write for the target market

- Proven experience creating high-impact, unique email marketing campaigns.

- Proven experience with multiple 100K+ USD per month stores.


1. Please reply to this post AFTER researching our company, STERRY our website

2. Provide 2-3 references of companies you have worked for as a copywriter.

3. Please share with us your availability and your desired salary!

4. Please share what online marketing tools you know how to use. Klaviyo? Shopify? Others?

5. Please share your portfolio and your resume

6. Reply back with the word "Pillow" so I know you read through all of this. Thanks!

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Proofreading

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