Every Sale made could easily double your monthly pay! - Email and Social Marketing Manager

$300 - 800 / Per Month
Mar 24, 2021

Job Overview

 Working Hours

    - Timezone - We are GMT / GMT+2 and GMT +4 - We will work out the hours that suit you. We are not fixed on when you must be available except for our weekly zoom meeting ( 5pm your afternoon) once a week

    - Salary payment dates

    - Skills needed - Mailshake platform / seamlessai platform / suitedash platform / Google docs / Zapier

    - Brief outline of the job role

We are a boutique management consulting and acquisitions business based in London, UK

We are (now) a 100% virtual business, where you are doesn't matter, but who you are matters a lot.

Our outreach is B2B Business to Business, connecting to and engaging with owners of small businesses in the UK, USA and Canada.

We're not tied to a specific sector, so our target market is in the millions of businesses

We're soft sell. Informative emails and posts go to our target market daily.

For our research, to find the people we want to connect to, we use the seamless lead generation platform, you can pull off 2,000 leads a day from there

For our email marketing, we use Suitedash and Mailshake - Check these out before you respond to this job offer

We send interested parties to our website to review our partnerships offer, and they book in a call with our Deal Analysts, who close the sale

Now, you....

Your role as our email and social marketing manager is to develop and run a 5 day a week, continual outreach machine using the resources we give you.

  • You research the data using our platform ( pulls into a csv file)

  • You upload the new outreach emails each day into our email marketing platform

  • You liase with our deal analysts ( via our chat platform and Zoom) to help them set up campaigns for email outreach (all fully compliante B2B)

  • You help our analysts set up and run their Linkedin campaigns, using automated outreach platforms (set and forget) and help them with any updates tasks etc

  • General support for email replies where needed (low level, non tech support)

Why work with us?

  1. Because we're global and we love our cross culture approach.

  2. Because we trust our people. We'll agree parameters and expectations, you'll meet those and we're good, if not, we'll let you know quickly.

  3. Because we understand that you have a personal life and we respect the boundaries we agree to, you won't be sitting at your desk at 9pm 

  4. Because even though your a long way from our offices, we keep you (digitally) close and help you grow.

  5. Because you will work within a small team and work with them to build your outreach system

  6. Because we pay well, pay on time and add in success bonuses for the deals you help us win.

  7. Becuase we pay the 13 month approach that you have come to expect

  8. Because we're nice


Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buys
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Moderation
  • LinkedIn Marketing

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