$300 - 500 / Per Month
Part Time
Mar 29, 2021

Job Overview

PHP250.00 per article (there is already a content, and all you have is to REWRITE the content)

Please apply if you can work on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm PHtime, and/or 7pm-12am Mondays-Fridays

Must be able to rewrite at least THREE articles per day

Must finish the article within a time frame ( 1hr 30 min for one article)

Earn as much as PHP1,000.00 per day 

Word count per article1000-1500 words

Payment is twice a month via bank transfers only

NOTE: This is a REWRITING job that requires excellent grammar and English writing skills. Please only apply or email me if you understand the requirements.


Write "REWRITING ARTICLES" as the subject

Answer the following:

1. What time can you work?

2. How many hours can you REWRITE an article with 1000-1500 words?

3. What are your writing job experiences?

4. What is your internet speed? (please attach a screenshot of speed test)

5. Do you know how to use Google Docs?

7. Please explain briefly how you are rewriting content.

6. Please rewrite this content:

How NOT to Rewrite An Article

When I first started copywriting, I had a personal project I wanted to complete about tattoo designs that I simply didn’t have time to work on because I was swamped with client projects. Thankfully I had someone in my life with ample time on their hands that wanted to practice article writing as a hobby. I sent them an article I liked and asked them to rewrite it.

I got it back, and at first it seemed perfect. But upon closer examination, I realized that she had rewritten each sentence one at a time, keeping sentence structure almost exactly the same and simply changing words to make it more unique. That’s bad content rewriting. You need to make sure that the article is 100% yours, even if the idea is taken from another piece.

How to Rewrite Content

With that in mind, here are five tips and strategies for rewriting content, in a way that will make it easier for you to use on your blog or website:

Copy Ideas, Not Words

The most important thing to understand with rewriting is that you’re copying ideas. You’re not copying the actual content itself. Even though you’re rewriting from a single article, you don’t want to look at how someone wrote a sentence or what words they used. You only want to understand the ideas inside of the content, and then essentially write them from scratch using your own words. The best thing to do is read a paragraph first, then write an paragraph in your own words from memory without referring to the content again.

Rewrite Paragraph by Paragraph, Not Sentence By Sentence

Similarly, to prevent you from accidentally depending on words that another author used, don’t go through the content once sentence at a time. Read entire chunks first. The mind has a tendency to over-copy someone else’s words when they focus too heavily on a small section. You want the new piece of content to be 100% your own words, and so going through the old piece of content in larger chunks should reduce the likelihood of accidentally coping their prose or specific word choices.


(excerpt from greatleapsstudio .com blog)

7. Please include your Skype Address.

**not following the instruction will not be entertained. Thank you.

Skills Required

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Ghost Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Content Writing

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