Looking for a website developer / designer

$450 - 550 / Per Month
Part Time
Apr 13, 2021

Job Overview

Hi there, I am looking for a web designer to work closely with into the future to build many websites for a small web design company based in Australia. If you have experience working with the GeneratePress theme in particular that is great. Below is a list of required skills.  

Required Skills:

- Creative page design (good designer needing little instruction)

- How to connect a domain to web hosting

- Know how to build a site using a development platform before launching on the actual domain (so the customer can’t see the website until it is finished)

- Wordpress installation on Cpanel

- Be very familiar with Cpanel

- How to set up a child theme SSL Integration

- How to copy and save a website file

- How to upload a website file to a

- Wordpress platform theme customisation - specifically GeneratePress theme

- Sitemap Setup

- Basic on-page SEO

- Page load speed optimisation

- Complete a mockup / website prototype

- Know how to setup and build landing pages

- Meta description, meta tag, slug etc.  

- Be confident in logo design  

- Business card design

- Create website emails   

$200AUD / week wage (40 hours) - to begin with employment will be reduced hours. Salary will be paid weekly. Time zone is Brisbane time zone, I am living on the Gold Coast.

If this job interests you I look forward to seeing your proposal so we can discuss further.

Skills Required

  • Wordpress Development
  • Cpanel
  • Wordpress
  • Logo Design
  • Web page Design

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