Student Services Specialist

$500 - 600 / Per Month
Full Time
Apr 21, 2021

Job Overview


Looking for full-time, dedicated, professional hardworking Student Services Specialist/Back Office Manager (SSS-BOM) for vocational school. The SSS-BOM will be responsible to:


1) Answer incoming phone calls and/or live chats from current students to assist with their student account from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday.

-Help students set-up their student accounts to access their classes

-Help students troubleshoot their account if they experience any issues logging in or accessing their account.

-Record student tuition payments on their account invoice.

-Issue students their coursework assignments to their account.

-Ensure tuition payment is paid in timely manner and issue e-mail notification if payment is late along with notice of applicable late fees.

-Must have quiet work environment with internet access to answer calls without background noise or disturbances in professional setting.

-Maintain daily call log on excel spreadsheet containing the name, e-mail, telephone number, reason for the call, etc. for all incoming and outgoing calls.

2) Coordinate and arrange clinical externship training

-Set-up clinical externships by reaching out to hospitals and medical facilities where the student would like to receive their hands-on clinical training then coordinate their training schedule

-Maintain contact with the hospital to verify the student's progress with their training

-Ensure student has all uniforms and other materials needed to complete clinicals

-Maintain constant contact and support for clinical externship partners to ensure smooth and successful training for students and pleasant experience for hospital staff working with students.

3) Maintain student newsletter & discussion forum

-Send out electronic newsletter containing regular updates about events and information pertinent to current students such as graduation dates, clinical start/end dates, how to order get started with classes as a new student, how to register for board examination etc.

-Moderate the student discussion forum where students can come to politely share homework help and study together in an appropriate and respectful manner.

4) Assist with graduation and board examination application process

-Assist students with the necessary processes required to apply for graduation

-Assist and instruct students in applying for their board examination to become licensed

5) Job placement assistance

-Help students locate available jobs upon graduation

-Post available job positions to school's Facebook group members looking for available positions



-Must be very organized

-Must be a self-starter

-Must be professional

-Must be on time

-Must be dedicated to each day's tasks until complete

-Must work quickly and efficiently

-Must read school website and information to be familiar with educational programs and services offered

-Must be polite and patient with callers/students

-Must be a leader and a problem solver able to find good solutions to everyday situations that occur

-Must be willing to learn new things and tasks as assigned


-Fluent/excellent written and spoken English (minimum accent)

-Knowledge of Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel/spreadsheets)

-Knowledge of Constant Contact e-mail marketing

-Knowledge of WordPress


-Paid training (up to 1 week)

-13th Month pay

-1 hour (non-paid) daily lunch break from 12:00PM EST to 1:00PM EST or as discussed/agreed.

-Eligible to earn pay raise and/or promotion after minimum 6 months to 1 year proven work quality and dedication to company success

-Earn up to 5 days paid holidays



Please answer the 5 questions below and record yourself reading the two items below. Thank you.

Please answer these questions:

1. In a brief statement, what do you think makes you the best candidate for this position?

2. Are you able to manage yourself and find customer service solutions to appease and satisfy customers/students as they arise with minimal to no supervision?

3. We are looking for a full-time long-term employee. Are you able to commit long-term?

4. What is the longest position you ever held? When was this? Why did the position end?

5. If selected, how soon could you start?

Please record yourself reading these two items below:

· Good Morning, thank you for calling Student Services and Admissions. How may we assist you?

· As the pen fell far to the floor, Amy watched it hit the linoleum. She knew she couldn't have caught that pen if Brian threw it to her from his greasy old hands. But she picked it up and wrote the directions to her house. She cleared her throat, but her words still sounded hoarse.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Support
  • Recruitment Assistant

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