Freelance Digital Assistant Required For 3 Month Contract (Full Or Part-Time) 15-30,000PHP Per Month

$300 - 600 / Per Month
Jun 01, 2021

Job Overview

About The Business

I’m an entrepreneur, copywriter and funnel strategist who currently lives in the UK, but has also lived in The Philippines, Thailand & New Zealand. I currently provide content, courses & services (landing pages, email automation, copy, content, video etc) to help other entrepreneurs more naturally build relationships with their potential customers (without any high-pressure sales tactics).

Job Overview

In order to build relationships with potential customers and clients, we need to demonstrate a methodology (as you might in an online course) and so the main purpose of this project is to assist in building the funnel infrastructure for this content. Things like landing pages, blog posts, videos, PDF’s & email automation.

This will mostly involve using the following tools:

  • Thrive Architect for landing pages, blog posts & forms.

  • Visme (similar to Canva) for PDF layout & design.

  • Active Campaign for Email Automation.

If things go well there may also be some video editing, YouTube, Facebook ads and SEO work later in the project.

If you have experience with any of the specific tools above, that is an advantage, but it is not an absolute requirement as training can be given if required. 

Your English needs to be good enough for communication purposes (content writing is not required - unless you want to do it).

Design work is required, but as long as you can follow existing branding guidelines and you’re not completely colourblind  you don’t have to be an artistic genius or technically skilled with photoshop etc.

For each phase in the project objectives will be explained in detail via online screen sharing, along with any ‘how-to’ instructions that might be required. It’s important you’re comfortable asking questions to ensure you understand as much as is practical at the time. 

Some tasks may involve following an SOP , in which case it's important you're able to follow instructions carefully, while also have initiative to figure things out if need be.

Ideal Candidate?

To begin with, you will fall into one of the following categories…

1. Digital Assistant A. You are a freelance designer, developer or VA with experience of WordPress, Thrive Architect, Visme / Canva, Active Campaign (or similar email automation platform) and you pretty much know what you’re doing. You’re happy to accept < 30,000 PHP PM.

2. Digital Assistant B. You are a freelance designer, junior developer or VA with less specific experience of WordPress, Thrive Architect, Visme / Canva or Active Campaign (or similar) but you are motivated to add these ‘funnel building’ tools to your experience and skillset. You’re happy to accept < 25,000 PHP PM

3. Digital Apprentice. You do not fit into either of the above categories but are generally net / tech savvy and motivated to develop new skills that would allow you to improve your employment prospects and are willing / able to accept lower pay in return for the opportunity to “learn on the job”. You’re happy to accept < 15,000 PHP PM

4. Job-sharing or a small team - if for example you have colleagues with complementary skillsets and you want to share the work. You're happy to share a maximum of 30,000 PHP PM.

You must be...

  • Able to commit to 12 weeks work from mid June onwards (earlier the better) and work 24-40 hours per week.

  • Available online between 4-5:30pm Ph time every working day for review and instruction.

  • A self starter & lifetime learner (I will point you in the right direction, but I won’t be able to hold your hand throughout) & have a general interest in self-improvement.

  • Comfortable asking questions and seeking clarity to avoid misunderstandings or errors.

  • Comfortable having actual verbal conversations online (if you're shy it wont work).

  • Able to accept feedback without taking it personally or getting upset.

Desirable but not essential…

  • Experience with British people / Interest in British culture.

  • Appreciate (or be able to tolerate) sarcasm, irony and a dry sense of humour.

  • Interest in popular culture but leaning more away from the mainstream (geeks are welcome).

  • Consume news to stay informed (Facebook doesn’t count).

  • Access to a mentor, someone with more experience than you in a particular area who can assist if you get stuck or need advice.

  • Interest in creativity / design.

  • English writing ability.

You might also like to know…

  • Your education or qualifications are not as important as your ability to deliver results.

  • Your accuracy in English is not as important as your ability to clearly communicate and desire to improve.

  • I’m happy to help anyone in a challenging situation if I can, but I can’t make too many concessions if your circumstances prevent you from delivering the tasks I’ve asked you to do. In other words - unless it’s a genuine crisis the work has to come first.

Terms & Conditions

  • Remote working (obviously).

  • You will be working online with SAAS apps, so need consistent download speed of at least 5mb and processor/graphics card powerful enough for productive working & a back up plan for any downtime.

  • You must be available for online screen-share between 3:30pm & 5pm for daily (verbal) review & instruction.

  • Week 1 would be a probationary trial. If all goes well, you would be given a 1 month contract to be extended on a monthly basis.

Scope & Schedule

The expected term of the project will be 12 weeks. Maximum of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Minimum 4 hours per day or 24 hours per week.

Work after 3 months is possible, certainly on a more flexible 'as needed' basis, but there's no guarantee of an actual permanent job, so you should assume it is a limited project. You will be given at least 2 weeks notice if the contract is to be ended early or extended (but I’ll give you more if I can).

You will have some flexibility to choose your own schedule, as long as it’s consistent (similar times each day). The only caveat is that you will need to be available between 4-5:30pm Ph time every day.

As an example you might choose to…

Work all day prior to the 4pm meeting, finishing your workday at 5:30pm.


Work 4 hours after the meeting on day 1, 4 hours before the meeting on day 2.

If you don’t show up for a meeting at an agreed time without making a prior notification or you do not reply to any messages within 24 hours the contract may be terminated without further notice.

As some compensation for the temporary nature of the position I’m not restricting applications only to those qualified, I’m also offering training and experience to help anyone who takes on this role improve their employability in the future (that does come with less pay though of course).

In this scenario, all going well, you should - by the end of the contract - be proficient in using the above mentioned tools, be able to build funnels for other clients and add these skills to your resume. You will also be welcome to include any of the work you do on this project in your own portfolio.


Pay is open to negotiation based on your experience, skills and productivity and you should adjust your request accordingly. Bottom-line is the less attention I have to give you, the more I can afford to pay you. But likewise, I'm on a budget, so if I have to give you more attention, but I can keep my costs down that's ok too.

As a guide…

1. Specifically experienced with main tools: 30,000 PHP PM (max).

2. Experienced, but not with specific tools: 15-25,000 PHP PM.

3. No experience / Trainee / Student: 10-15,000 PHP PM*.

*This could rise up into the next tier once training is complete if you need less attention from me.

Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly as you choose in arrears within 2 days of submission of an invoice.


About Me

I currently work on my own from home providing content, courses & services to help entrepreneurs - course creators, tutors, coaches, consultants, freelancers etc deliver digital assets (landing pages, email automation, copy, content, video etc) and sales funnels for their own products and services.

I have experience employing VA’s designers and developers but generally only for part-time or specific projects. I have met with many challenges along the way with cultural differences/expectations, different time zones and online communication, so I’m under no illusions that everything will run smoothly to plan. However, I have learned enough to know what can lead to misunderstandings, problems and low productivity and how these things can be addressed - up to a point.

Although I’m currently living in the UK, I’ve spent considerable time living in The Philippines. As a result I do have an understanding of your culture and your ways.

I do have high standards, in that I only want to publish good work, so that may mean I push you to improve your own work. You can thank me later.  

I’m actually more relaxed than I sound, as long as you show up, do the work and don’t mess me around we should get on pretty well.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Web page Design

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