General Instagram Lead Manger

$1.5 / Per Hour
Full Time
Jun 17, 2021

Job Overview

Manger role availble: 5 days a week 8 hours a day FULL TIME ROLE

We are an Australian online womens clothing store. We are looking to expand and need a General Lead Manager to help with our ecommerce business. 

Your job will include various roles in the ecommerce and social media marketing sectors, no previous experience needed

If successfull, you will undergo an intenseive training program which will provide you everything you need for the role

The perfect candidate would be a born leader, Someone we can rely on and is alwasy striving for GREATNESS!!


You will require: 

-Excellent Common sense 

- Trustworthy and excellent communicaiton skills with myself, staff and customers 

-Must be a quick learner 

-Have a modern smart phone 

- Hardworking and willing to learn and grow within the business

- You will be finding leads for sales

- Possibility to become a general manger for the store

-Position is 5 days a week and 8 hours a day ( FULL TIME POSITION) 

- Your pay will be $1.5 USD per hour ( Pay will increase by performance) 

- Only 1 position available at the moment 


This is an ADVANCED role, Please only apply if you have ALL the requirements 

Skills Required

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