Support Representative

$5 / Per Hour
Full Time
Jul 26, 2021

Job Overview

I will be providing you Snapchat account(s) with friends/chats on them. You need to be able to speak and chat with people as if you were a girl, and try to sell them your "premium" OnlyFans. I will provide you with pictures, videos, and anything else you require to get the job done. You will need to direct them to your "OnlyFans" (you're pretending to be the girl) and have them signup/purchase the OnlyFans.


You will need to know the following:

  • English

  • Basic understanding of Snapchat

  • Basic understanding of OnlyFans (OF)

  • Be able to sell to someone

  • Be able to interact with people on a personal level

You will be posing as if you were this "OnlyFans" girl. You will try and sell YOUR "OnlyFans" to them. You MUST be able to talk like a girl and act the part. 

I will provide pictures, videos, and even audio clips if needed.

Skills Required

  • Writing

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