Are you a Social Media Content Creation/Viral Finder?

Mar 11, 2018

Job Overview

We are looking for people who can find and create viral content for us and watermark our videos. We will provide a video of how we want our watermarks to be and all you have to do find videos and watermark them then upload them to dropbox or google drive. The work is easy we just want people who can find the best video's and can make our watermarks for us.

We are looking for about 5-6 videos to be found and made watermarks for us every day. It's not too challenging of a job and can be done in about 1-2 hour at most.

We need people who have already worked in social media and who understand what the best viral videos and where to find them. Social media minded is a must. We have singing, and tv shows/movies account.

Let us know if you are interested!

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Design Project Management

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