MySQL specialist

$800 - 2000 / Per Month
Full Time
Aug 03, 2021

Job Overview

We are looking for a long term, full time person to work with the system architect to create and maintain MySQL stored procedures, views and triggers. Our system is a normalized database design. It has over 500 tables and 1,000's of stored procedures. We provide the user interface team with the stored procedures to allow them to build their pages. All the updates are done using SQL script files.

We are a large and growing company in the United States. We are looking for a few more developers to help us grow.

You are not required to work on USA time. Each day you will meet with the system architect and be given an assignment. If all assignments for the week are completed timely and correct there will be a bonus at the end of the week.

There will be initial training with the system architect to understand how our system is built. You will be asked to demonstrate your understanding after the training has been completed.

Here are sample questions that you will receive training on. Please don't apply if these are concepts you don't understand at all.

Use MySQL Workbench version 6.3.6 and used normalized design techniques.

  1. Create a customer table and a vendor table. Both are companies.

  2. Add mailing and physical addresses to each

  3. Add employees, users and contacts tables. All are people and have phone numbers and email addresses. Contacts are connected to customers.

  4. How many triggers may be assigned to a MySQL table?

  5. How can a “global” variable be used to communicate to triggers.

  6. Create an A/R invoice header and A/P invoice header table. Both are transactions.

  7. Add structure to the A/R invoice table that allows explicit messaging

  8. What can be used to make it easier to build reports in a normalized DB structure?

  9. Write a query to list all A/R invoices for the current month. Include customer and mailing address. Make as efficient as possible, you have millions of rows.

  10. What solution would you use if two tables had recursive deleting.

  11. Make the following table normalized


product_id      product_name            brand_name

1                      Monitor                       Apple

2                      Monitor                       Samsung

3                      Scanner                       HP

4                      Head phone                JBL

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Mysql
  • Laravel

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