seriously good writer for social media posts and blogs

$300 - 700 / Per Month
Full Time
Aug 15, 2021

Job Overview

dont copy and paste your standard response. it'll just be deleted. red the job description and only apply if you truly hit the criteria


we're looking for someone who is HIGHLY experienced in written English. This means 5 years PLUS in writing English. you must be able to show me up to date social media posts or blogs

What we do

we video record entrepreneurs and ask them questions

we transcribe using AI

we turn the transcription into written posts

we distribute onto social media channels


what we need

someone with a fantastic grasp of the English language who understands "slang" terms in particular for the UK market

You would need to take the AI transcription and make it readable, conversational and make sure there are NO mistakes

You would be the final  quality assurance step for us so the content you produce will go straight to the client with zero mistakes because if there are mistakes then we are not doing the job properly and a number of resources need to be involved to correct things and this is why we need a high level of english


 - Working Hours

    - Timezone typically uk 6am-3pm

    - Salary payment dates - to be discussed

    - Skills needed - highly skilled in written english (UK), grammer, blog writing and the ability to learn tools and technology


Skills Required

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Web Content Writing

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